1. D

    Complications - Bone related

    Hi All, My dad has had noticable physical symptoms since May 07 and has progressed rapidly. He no longer has much use of arms or legs and can just manage to alter the position of his recliner, but cannot turn over the television or operate his bed controls. He can still speak but is losing...
  2. C

    CALS -Busy Bees

    Just a bit of information that I found interesting.... On average 9 1/2 hours? I never had the time to even break it down or calculate it, now I know why! A Cross-Sectional Study of Caregiver Time Use in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Adriano Chio, TorinoPiemonte, Italy, Augusto...
  3. P

    What do others do?

    I am a CALS for a friend. I am seeking info to see what people do that have little to no money to pay for equipment, home modification, wheelchair vans, and hands on help. Yes medicare is available, even waiver programs but those take a long time to access. Ex. Showering... what if there...
  4. T

    Shower Chair

    Hello Everyone- Although I read through the forum daily, this is my first thread! Thanks to all of you who provide such caring responses. My husband was diagnosed with ALS in June 2005. Up until now, we have used an Etac Shower chair both for toileting and for me to shower him. We have loved...
  5. Pollyanna

    Just trying to stay ahead of the runaway ALS Train!

    Help! I'm my husband's caregiver and have nobody coming in to help at this time. So far we've been able to stand him up long enough to transfer to the toilet and back to his recliner/lift chair. But this week his legs and arms are so weak, he can no longer stand, so I'm using a Hoyer lift...