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    Tobii Dynavox I-15+, Eye Gazer / Computer / Speech generator for sale/LOWERED PRICE

    ABOUT: I am selling a speech generating device with eye tracker used by my father. Bought Q4 2016, it was used for 2 months, it is mint condition, good as new with very practical stand and wireless keyboard included. Price negotiable, I can send it worldwide. PRICE: 3.500 $ CONTACT: You...
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    Why lock threads on this forum

    Zwhat is the point of locking the threads on this forum?z M I was about to reply to the speech device thread with information of a new product by Toby that is far superior to anything on the market and saw that even though the thread was) barely a month without any reply and still totally...
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    end of life directions question

    Re: ramblings afterward ... Toby's gone I am so sorry to hear of your husband's suffering and your own, and of your loss. You sound like you were an amazing CALS. I am newly diagnosed and am trying to sort out my wishes for end of life decionmaking, so I want to ask, if it is not too raw for...
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    ramblings afterward ... Toby's gone

    It’s been two weeks since my husband Toby's, battle with ALS ended on June 2, in the afternoon with a respiratory therapist, RN, Chaplin, Social Worker, various other team members from Hospice, his three grown sons, my sister, and our main caretaker Kay all in attendance in our home - where he...
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    Passed NCV failed EMG - Bicep Weakness only - Worried I have ALS

    Hello , Sorry for the long post - I am terrified to even be writing in this forum. I noticed a "perceived weakness" in my Right bicep(dominant) in the start of April. There has been some wasting/ stretch marks under the skin when pulled a little that my wife could see as well so I headed...
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    His first ALS-fall

    :shock: (Please forgive the length of this...):oops: Hi friends. Need to blow some steam… and know that I can do that with you — and you will still like me! : ) Today, Toby took his first BAD so-called "ALS fall". His ankle just roller over and he crashed into the dresser and fell hard onto...
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    all things are difficult before they are easy

    Good day, everyone! My father, 73 and living in South Florida, was diagnosed last month with ALS. He started slurring speech last December. He can still be understood, but it has slightly worsened. He has not experienced symptoms anywhere else, nor has his EMG indicated a spread. It is my...