1. L

    Tobii Dynavox i-12 portable speech generating device for sale

    Purchased in 2017 - running Windows 10 - price includes the device, case, mobile stand with rolling case, and wheelchair mount. Loaded with Eye Gaze software. Details and features can be reviewed at Selling for $3,500 or best...
  2. bkite

    Trail Riding

    On the banks of the mighty Columbia River, there's a park and boat launch named White Bluffs. The usual rocky basalt walls give way to this bright sandy bluff along the river. May, 2015, when I wasn't ventilator dependant and requiring someone to use the companion control on my wheelchair, I...
  3. O

    Eye Tracking for Computer Use

    I wanted to share some exciting news... My dad had been using a Head Mouse until he could no longer move his head, about two months ago. There are plenty of expensive options for "eye tracking" - but I found a $150 device on Amazon called Tobii Eye Tracker 4C. It's designed for gaming, but...
  4. Vincent

    Windows Eye Control

    I have just received a tobii eyetracker 4c as an early Christmas present. This works with windows 10 with their eye control app in ease of access. The drivers are free from tobii, and the eyetracker is $150 us dollars. The eyecontrol just has a mouse, keyboard, and text to speech app. It sets...
  5. R

    Looking to buy Tobii I-12 or I-15 for my dad

    Hi I am looking to buy Tobii I-12 or I-15 (eye-gaze) for my dad. It is very hard for him to communicate these days. Anyone who can help?
  6. N

    F3 Corpus and Tobii eye gaze

    I'm selling a Permobil F3 wheelchair with power functions: It was fitted for a 5'4" woman but never used. For pickup in NYC. Also I have a Tobii PCEye Go and Surface Pro eye gaze package for sale. This I can ship anywhere in the US...
  7. Inventor

    Rack for Tobii EyeX and 12" tablet

    An untested prototype, but OpenSCAD files are included so you can modify it in any way you like: link
  8. O

    Tobii Eye Tracking Q & A.

    Hi ChinMusic. I'm the developer of OptiKey and would be happy to answer questions if you want? Email me: [email protected] To save yourself a lot (trust me) of time you could develop custom keyboards to control Roku/Kodi/whatever, and Hue/general home automation for OptiKey. This would...
  9. C

    Tobii Eye Tracker question.

    Hi. My mother has ALS. I would guess that within the next year she will completely lose dexterity in her hand/fingers. I am a software developer that recently purchased a Tobii Eye Tracker 4C device and am currently building an extensible application that would allow a user to control an...
  10. S

    Looking to buy Tobii I-12+ or I-15

    Hi! I'm looking to buy a Tobii I-12+ for my 5 year old daughter with Rett Syndrome. Any out there?
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