tobii i15

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    Looking to buy a Tobii i15 dynavox

    Are there any out there for sale? Please let me know. My friend is moving rapidly and his voice is about gone. Thanks.
  2. A

    Eye gaze systems and applications

    I am new to Eyegaze and wanted to hear from some of you experienced users about what system you have and what applications you like. I received my TobIi I15+ System a few weeks ago and have gotten pretty good at controlling it with my eyes. I can still speak clearly, but no longer can use...
  3. P

    Tobii I-15 Computer w/ Eye Gaze Technology

    This was my mother-in-law's computer, brand new spring 2014. She only used it a handful of times. It is a Tobii I-15 with Windows and EyeGaze communication software that speaks for the patient. Includes a library of common phrases and subjects that makes simple communication quick and easy...
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    Tobii I15 with gaze interaction for sale

    Tobii I15 with gaze interaction for sale (see specs below). It comes with a rolling floor mount. This equipment originally cost over $16,000 and was used for about 5 months by my mother who had ALS. This device is in excellent condition and is an incredible piece of equipment which allowed...
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    Tobii I15 w/ Gaze For Sale

    Hello! I hope you're having a wonderful day today. I have for sale a Tobii I15 in perfect working condition w/ Gaze and related accessories including a Tobii EyeX Controller for your computer. I am willing to ship everything to your location at the buyers expense. Here is a link to...