tobii for sale

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    Tobii Dynavox I-12 for sale

    I have for sale our son's Tobii Dynavox I-12 for sale. Is listed until tomorrow. If interested, please check our ebay listing: Tobii dynavox I-12 Eye Tracking and Speech Generating Device | eBay
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    Used c15 tobii for sale with stand, and wheelchair

    Hi I have a tobii c 15 for sale. Includes rolling stand and an attachment for use with a wheelchair. Also have a quantum edge Q6 wheelchair... gently used with roho cushion to prevent pressure sores. Was sized for 5' 10 male In huntington beach, California Please email if interested...
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    Unused Tobii I-12+ still under warranty

    Unused Tobii I-12+ still under warranty Best offer - medicare approved - outrageous original price - will sell to patient in need for low cost.
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    New tobii communicater 4 with eye gaze for sale

    Hi everyone, my beautiful and sweet father recently passed away from ALS. About a month beforehand we got him a Tobii Communicator 4 with eye gaze technology, It is in brand new condition. It was $18,000 and I am forced to sell it so I can afford Christmas for my kids, as all of our funds went...