1. A

    Over heating/ Help

    Hi PALS, My father is having hot flashes and is miserable. The over heating began around the beginning of the month. It lasted only 20 minutes to a half an hour but now it's lasting for hours and getting worse. He is only sleeping 2 hours a night. I called his doctor who said that this over...
  2. hjlindley


    I don't know how many of you take tizanidine for muscle spasms, but I discovered an interesting fact. I cross checked this with my pharmacist to be sure. Tizanidine has in it a reaction with caffeine that releases a great deal of the drug at once particularly in tablet form. It explained to me...
  3. L

    What meds are you on?

    I was diagnosed last week. Doc has put me on Rilutek and the maximum dose of Vitamin A 800mg and Vitamin C 1000mg he says the body needs per day. Also on Flaxseed Oil 3000mg a day and he tried me on Baclofen to help with the leg stiffness...I was on 4 x 50mg a day but they didn't seem to do...