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    What TCM treats

    Western Diseases Treated by Oriental Medicine in Present-day China Note: In the source texts these diseases are differentiated according to TCM. For example, the single western disease asthma could be due to Lung Qi Deficiency, or Kidneys Not Grasping Qi, or Wind-Heat Invasion of the Lungs...
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    Questions, concerns etc about ALS

    Hello everyone I am new to this forum, I would just like to go through the myriad of symptoms I have experienced during the past six months, something everyday with ALS-ish ones more recently. Hope it is no too long winded. I would love some feedback: Back in May: persistant chest pains with...
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    ALS and toxins?

    My former partner, now 35 years old developed als about 2 years ago.We separated in year 2000. This summer i started to get fasciculations all over my body, and they seem to get worse. I dont have any weekness but are stiff in the morning especially in one hand, and feel clumsy in the same...