1. Jhettinger

    Looking for a mouse to use with only index finger and thumb

    anything that pals works ?
  2. D

    calf weakness, twitching and hand symptoms

    Hi everyone. I've been having a lot of muscle twitches mostly in my calf areas and thighs but all over as well. Also my left calf feels weaker than my right even though I can still walk around on my tip toes and heels on both feet. Another thing I noticed is that it is difficult to straighten...
  3. E

    Strange symptoms

    I want to preface my first post here to say that my concern has led me to investigate about ALS in a way that makes me feel a deep sympathy for everyone affected by ALS (whether in his/her own flesh, or through a family member.) I also want to help those who make this forum possible. I will...
  4. R

    My wife (36y)

    Hi, 8 months ago we was on holiday, she run, rode a bike, walking 10km. In August she has started to have fasciculations in the thighs and with the index finger. In October she got damage to peripheral nerves diagnose without any motor neurons damages. In February this year we had new tests and...
  5. V

    Husband is a possible carrier of c9 gene - anxiety over symptoms.

    Hi Everyone, My husband is 35 years old and has lost a cousin, an aunt, 2 uncles, (all to ALS) and currently watches his mom battle the final stages of ALS. His family carries the c9 gene. Upon visiting with his mom over Christmas (they live out of state) and spending a week surrounded by ALS...
  6. S


    Hi my issue started in Nov was cooking bad pain in right hand went to doc blood test xray all fine physio noticed atrophy in my hand between thumb and forefinger went to neuro she didn't think I had adl had a emg result one slightly abnormal muscle in hand all others OK ongoing tingling numbness...
  7. S


    Hi back in November while cooking I had bad pain in right hand went to doc did blood tests xray nothing came up went to physio he noticed wasted muscle in between thumb and forefinger advised go to neuro she didn't think I had adl bfubding writing hard painful hand feels weak had a emg test...
  8. D

    My symptoms

    Hello I have read all the things I should before posting so please just hear me out as I have done a lot of research. First of all let me just say I am proud of everyone in here who has dealt with this horrible disease, now I know twitching isn’t a sign of als but can come along with it. My main...
  9. P

    Upcoming EMG and Terrified

    Hi everyone. Thank you for welcoming me onto this site. I read the sticky, so I'll try my best to adhere to the statements there. I'm 27, female, and have been having concerning symptoms since mid-September 2018. Symptoms first started in my left hand and forearm. Started with twitching and...
  10. M

    So worried

    Hi all, I've been having some issues and I'm terrified.. It started about 3 mos ago, noticed twitching in my eye then in my chest, about a month ago I noticed that my right foot and two fingers on my right hand felt "off" my foot felt heavy.. Then twitching started all over my body constantly...