1. K

    Genetic Testing

    I had a previous thread on here, but couldn't post on it as it won't allow new comments. (added by mod: Myopathic EMG and Neurogenic Biopsy ) Have been seeing Neuro since Feb 2023 on multiple issues that was explained in previous post. Several months ago my symptoms have progressed to...
  2. lgelb

    COVID precautions

    Lots of gatherings this week -- hope everyone has wonderful get-togethers. But... We are in the second largest surge of the pandemic. COVID is still the 3rd leading cause of death. 1 in 29 US adults has COVID right now. Worldwide, there are comparable numbers. Staying up with vaxx, testing...
  3. Nikki J

    Webinar on new genetic testing guidelines

    By the Les Turner learning series. It is under the education tab at Lesturner dot org. I have heard the presenter before and she has been an author on papers for this topic. Genetic testing is becoming more widespread these days but I don’t think it is offered by all clinicians
  4. M

    Question about genetic testing

    Someone told me her father died of ALS. Then she said that if she wanted to know if she has inherited the potential to develop ALS, she would have to be tested annually. I had genetic counseling and then a cheek swab (waiting on results). If it shows a genetic cause, then the counselor, my...
  5. M

    Genetic Testing

    Hi there, My family has been burdened with C9 - we’ve lost 6 amazing people in 2 generations, so far, including my mom, Godfather, and Gramma. I’ve struggled with anxiety over this disease for over a decade now. The anxiety presents itself in the form of symptoms and I trick myself into...
  6. N

    Could this be ALS?

    Good evening. After reading the stickies, I am still left with some questions. Here’s where I am at— 1. I have had body-wide twitching for about 6 weeks. It seems to be mostly in my legs now, with some in my face , back, and arms (not often). The twitching occurs on both sides. Some days...
  7. F

    Could this be ALS?

    I will try to make this brief. Symptoms: *. Muscle twitching: started out in a few places about a month ago. Then increased all over. Now has decreased but in more specific spots (calves, thighs, abdomen, shoulder area). It seems almost as if the twitching is moving from lower body to...
  8. ShiftKicker

    Blood pressure testing at home?

    Does anyone have a home bp testing device they recommend? There seem to be lots out there, from super cheap to more expensive. So many, in fact, it's hard to decide and I'd just be closing my eyes and picking at random. tia
  9. V

    Husband is a possible carrier of c9 gene - anxiety over symptoms.

    Hi Everyone, My husband is 35 years old and has lost a cousin, an aunt, 2 uncles, (all to ALS) and currently watches his mom battle the final stages of ALS. His family carries the c9 gene. Upon visiting with his mom over Christmas (they live out of state) and spending a week surrounded by ALS...
  10. W

    Does this sound like ALS?

    I apologize if I accidentally posted this twice. I tried posting earlier but I’m afraid I did something wrong and lost the post because I can’t find it. I’ll try to re-type my sentiments from my earlier post... I went to visit my PCP regarding muscle twitching. I have had twitching for about...