1. KimT

    Door Camera

    I buy LOTS of things through Amazon, Vital Choice (Seafood) and Organic Prairie (chicken, turkey, beef, pork, etc.) Fred does, too. He orders most of his clothes online. Between UPS/FEDEX deliveries AND people coming over, the doorbell is ringing several times a day. Sometimes someone is...
  2. T

    Tobii Dynovox speech generating device with eye gaze technology

    Hi I lost my husband to this horrible disease and I'm interested In selling his Tobii Dynovox speech generating device with eye gaze technology. It's like new, only used twice. Comes with carrying case, charger, keyboard still in box and portable mount. Price is negotiable
  3. C

    assistive technology

    My father was recently diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS. He is progressing extremely fast. He can no long talk, eat, or swallow. His right hand is very weak. My questions is are there any assistive devices for communication that are free or at least financially feasible?? He is retired with...
  4. KarenNWendyn

    iPad vs laptop for ALS technology

    Hi all. I'm recently diagnosed with limb-onset ALS. My hands are week, but my voice is still strong, though I am aware I may lose that over time. I've never been particularly tech-oriented. I currently have a desktop PC which I rarely use, and an iPhone which I use all the time. It is...
  5. NothingButLove

    The results are in - it's C9orf72

    I got a call from the doctor at the clinic today. She reported the results were back from genetic testing. My wife has the defective C9orf72 gene. I have so many thoughts running through my head right now. I could create one big scatterbrained, disjointed post. It's probably best to tackle one...
  6. K

    Some thoughts

    Dear all, My name is Kay and I'm based in London. I am not an ALS sufferer but I found out about this disease by Anthony Carbajal's campaign to raise awareness about it. Most watch and even participate in the ALS ice bucket challenge but didn't take the time to actually understand the gravity of...
  7. J

    PEG Users Help!

    Hi everyone :smile: I am a student at Loughborough University in the UK studying Product Design and Technology. I am currently working on a project to design a product to allow PEG users to self-administer their formula at home without assistance. To help make the final product as good as...
  8. I

    Tobii I-12 eye tracking communication device

    Purchased in sept of 2013 for my mother who lived with ALS for 12 years, She was only able to use the device for a few months. Still Brand new condition. Please contact me for images or additional questions. The I-Series brings about numerous game-changing innovations to the assistive...
  9. rose

    photo comparison of mic-key versus mini one button

    Hi, I changed out my peg tube yesterday, and, if you're curious as to how the MIC-KEY and AMT Mini One compare with each other, before I put the new peg in, I took a few photos of it alongside the other model button. When my long dangler tube was first switched out to a low profile type...
  10. T

    Eye Gaze tech, who is using what?

    i am suprised there is no long running sticky about eye gaze technology. It seems to always be an area of concern and new things are popping up all the time in the marketplace. ive been doing eye gaze research for a well known company for over year and im still not aware ofb whats out there...