1. J

    Remote Control Assistive Devices for Home

    I have received several remote control devices that allow me to control several light switches in my home as well as open/close my overhead garage door. These devices are manufactured by a company called GoControl [commercial link removed]. These devices use a Z – wave hub or controller which...
  2. A

    Tobii with eye gaze

    I've been looking to buy a Tobii with eye gaze technology for my mother who lives in Brazil. Unfortunately her insurance in Brazil doesn't cover this equipment. Any leads for purchasing one here in the USA, would be very appreciated.
  3. D

    Tobii user needs glasses

    Tobii rep said bifocals with line don't work well with their eyegaze technology. My 50 year old eyes need help. Have any of you used progressive lens glasses with a Tobii? How was your experience? Do any of you have advice?
  4. D

    What is latest in eye gaze technology?

    Left arm is nearly useless and right arm weakening. Need to put something in place for communication. I understand APPLE has something in place with their latest IOS devices and associated cameras. Has anyone tried these? What do you and/or your PALS have experience with? Recommendations and...
  5. KimT

    Interesting Blog

    Here's a guy who has a lot of hope of surviving and living through technology. Weapon of choice | Dr Peter B Scott-Morgan
  6. KimT

    NEW APP for PALS

    There is a new free APP for iPhones and iPads called "I have voice." The developer lost someone with ALS and decided he wanted to do this. He asked for feedback on the features. It uses eye gaze technology so you need a newer iPhone or iPad. I've not yet downloaded it but will do tonight...
  7. JimInVA

    Shifting Sands...

    Our journey began at a Joe Bonamassa concert in November of 2012. With no advance warning, Darcey was suddenly having difficulty walking. Later that same night, she'd be unable to rise from a seated position. It was the beginning of a life phase that neither of us anticipated. For all of...
  8. L

    VisuALS eyegaze system for sale

    Complete system including software loaded on GoPro tablet, Tobii eyegaze bar, Bluetooth keyboard and speaker plus magnetic mount. Setup but never used. Use the link below to visit the manufacturer's web site for more info. Paid...
  9. Nikki J

    Things I learned about moving

    I have recently moved and it has been a very good thing What I learned: As soon as you see the need even in the future do it. I put it off. I managed and it is ok but it would have been a lot easier to accomplish earlier. I am incredibly fortunate to have had a lot of help. Being in the...
  10. jethro

    Testing for ALS (?)

    friend of mine, older 10 years, diagnosed is with neuralgic amiotrophy (complete different diagnose, even has it almost the same symptoms). doesn't know what to do with money, so just called her doctor and not knowing what she asks, she asked: "please how can i test for that als...