1. chally

    Tattoo show

    How about some fun! Show off some ink!
  2. Clearwater AL

    Wendy... (caution: Adult Content)

    I’m gonna push the limits here… one of my favorites. Two guys walk into a mens room, one is a Jamaican guy the other guy is white. They walk up to the wall urinals side by side. While they are going the white guy happens to glance over and notices the Jamaican guy has a tattoo on his private...
  3. H

    I need help with few things

    Hi, Today I have started to believe that my mother might have ALS (still in a bit of denial). She has lost the ability to walk as he other leg is also affected now including the ability to easily turn sides. So far, she has problems in lower limbs only (somehow I am just hoping it will stay...
  4. mpnatx

    New Tattoo

    My new tat.
  5. Nikki J

    The story of Dr Bedlack's tattoo

    I heard a shorter version of this in an interview with him a couple of years ago. This is more detailed. It is shared here with his permission My name is Rick Bedlack. In the past decade I have seen more than 1500 patients here at Duke with ALS. Tonight I will tell you about one who left a...
  6. S

    Mom defeated the ALS monster.

    My beautiful, strong Mom passed away at home with fourteen family members by her side. The ALS monster did not take her dignity or her spirit. She left this world surrounded by love. I have a very hard time accepting that she is no longer with us and struggle daily. She left on May 3rd at 10.24...
  7. M

    My wife got a tattoo to symbolise our journey together

    My wife got a tattoo to symbolise our journey together. The roots have a lot of hidden symbols. Underneath the Willow Tree | Skeletons in the Light
  8. V

    Motor Neuron

    I just wanted to share the motor neuron tattoo I got over the New Year holiday. A healthy neuron of course. I wish my mom had a few more of these healthy neurons. :sad:
  9. Bad Balance

    I Don't Watch Reality Shows....

    But, although I don't have any, I like the tattoo shows. The previously Miami and now NYC show is more drama than art mostly, but the quality of the ink is really nice. The apprentice put a first tattoo on a lady and as the story unfolded, it turned out that it duplicated a "tag" done by her...
  10. rcharlton

    Butterfly Tattoo

    We went to a birthday party for my daughter's friend on Saturday. They were giving out big temporary tattoos. I'm a good sport- so after being assured that they wash of easily, I got a big butterfly tattoo on my cheek. Well they were right - the tattoo was definitely easy to wash off -...