1. A

    Thickener recommendation with no taste

    I just started using thickeners in my coffee and discovered they are not all the same. Can anyone recommend one that doesn't change the taste?
  2. Erika

    One year ago this crazy ride began....thank you for all the information and support!

    My mom was diagnosed one year ago today. So much has happened and yet, I remember those days leading up to the day and "the" day like it was yesterday.* I had already been told it was likely ALS a week prior, but I only told my parents we were being sent to another doctor who knew more about...
  3. J

    als or lymes... want to get better

    Hi, my name is Justin, 28m, from tupelo, ms... I know that some of my symptoms will probably be shot down by some of you, but I need to ask.. I'll start with his ask this has happened.. Some of these symptoms may be unrelated to illness right now, so Kerri an open mind I have a lot of disease in...
  4. Z

    Possible/likely ALS - afraid and uncertain

    Hi all, I am 21, male (yes, I know; read on though, please) I have been severely depressed for several years. Last year I took to a lot of drug use and grappled with marijuana addiction. During the worst of this time, I smoked large amounts daily out of a gravity bong jerry rigged from a...
  5. P

    MND or Brain Stroke

    Hi, My grand father is aged 73 years. He is fine till last year but slowly he lost the ability to smell, unable to sense the taste of food, uncontrolled laugh, tears coming up and slowly now he lost ability to speak / couldn't speak. We consulted a couple of neurologists where few of them told...
  6. O

    Do I have ALS?

    Hi I'm a 23 year old male concerned of the possibility of having ALS. I started noticing some differences in my body around the beginning of Dec 2016. It started off when I felt some soreness/aching in my left arm and then in my right arm, but thought nothing of it. I also have this bitter...
  7. Firefighter58

    Feeling good

    Hello Pals, this is just a little update, just over a year ago I had a peg. put in because I would choke when trying to swallow food and I could not drink liquids without choking. I don't know the reasons but I just finished my lunch, ham,salami, potato salad, cheese, bread and butter, a bowl...
  8. B

    ALS Concern :(

    Good morning to all. The symptoms started back in May. First, I noticed Atrophy in my left hand with pain here and there. A few weeks ago I started having muscle Atrohpy in my forearm with very bad pain. I can easily feel the bone in my left arm where it folds compared to my right arm. My arm...
  9. Z

    6 Months, Still Terrified

    Started 6 months ago during April or early May; I was laying on the couch and my right ankle started twitching. I didn't mind it till it kept happening and spread to my calf. Went on Google and found ALS. Watched videos and documented stories from people of how they first experienced ALS. This...
  10. kevinw

    Clonazepam (Klonopin) Withdrawal Story

    Now a I know a lot of people don't get prescribed this for PLS. I was early on when I mentioned that sleeping was a problem with soreness in my legs and my mind racing trying to get to sleep. This a story about my past week attempting to taper off of Klonopin. I was taking three per day, well...