1. F

    Geezer Doctor

    The Retired Doctor An old physician, Doctor Gordon Geezer, became very bored in retirement and decided to re-open a medical clinic. He put a sign up outside that said: "Dr. Geezer's clinic. Get your treatment for $500 - if not cured, get back $1,000." Doctor Digger Young, who was...
  2. Inventor

    Taste of chili

    Complete paralysis is no excuse to skip the ALS pepper challenge. https://youtu.be/pBh-ugvuPyA
  3. MJALSWarrior

    Reduced stamina

    Well, got my first taste of reduced stamina yesterday. Went to Lowes and got 3 bags of charcoal that weighed 36 lbs each. Just loading them in the truck and I felt like I was exhausted. Came home, didn't even unload them and went to lay down around 4ish. Next thing I know it is 1 am. This...
  4. A

    What do you say when you can't say "It's going to be okay,"?

    I have lingered a lot on these pages the past few months, but not really participated. Thank you to all of you for sharing your stories, insights and experiences. It’s been so helpful to me so often, and comforting to know there is such a supportive community of people here who actually know...
  5. K

    Dental hygiene

    I am at wits end. I can no longer brush my teeth or rinse out my mouth. I can munch ice and suction out the residual toothpaste. I am not eating anything bu mouth but can't stand the taste of saliva. What do PALS do?
  6. B

    Questions Regarding Fathers Recent Diagnosis

    Hello Everyone, I hope this is in the correct forum. My dad was recently ( 1/4/18 ) diagnosed with ALS at University of Utah. My mother and I are most likely in denial, however, something just does not seem right from all of the research we have done. I would like to have some insight from...
  7. B

    Possible Onset Bulbar Palsy

    Hello ALS community, my name is Bill. First I would like to say how saddening it is to read people's stories and how brave they are fighting the various symptoms of ALS or other MND's. Good luck and God bless to all of you. My symptoms actually started about 8 months ago wo even knowing it, I...
  8. tripete

    A new short story

    Raoljost - (A Guiding Light) Chapter 1 I wasn't able to run fast enough. My legs and arms were going as fast as I could force them to move and they burned with effort. My breathing was labored, but under control. Sweat poured from my brow and burned my eyes. I could hear the hounds of hell...
  9. D

    Improving the taste of water thickeners

    Hi All, Does anyone know of ways to improve the taste of water thickeners? Or have some suggestions for some recommended water thickeners available in Australia that generally taste better than Precise?
  10. wishmobbing

    Forum refugee from Germany

    Hi folks! I have a good feeling about finding this forum! I already found a LOT of helpful information in the german ALS forum, but there's not a lot of people around "living" in the forum, spending time with each other. And that's what I could use, a community where everybody know's what a bad...