1. W

    Had A Scary Moment - Gasping for air, loss of breath with ALS

    Hello ALS Family, Well can you believe that it has been more then a month that dad moved in. Seems like yesterday. In any case most things have normalized. Dad is now comfortable and has his surroundings pretty much in place so he is doing well. However, last night I had the scare of my...
  2. L

    funny taste in mouth

    Hey everyone, just wondering if anybody else has a funny taste in there mouth, almost like a tin taste. Not sure if it's from the medication and supplements or a normal symptom of ALS. I'm on Rilutek, Effexor, CoQ10, and 800 VE. Also, I have a buddy doing some snooping (research) and he's been...
  3. rcharlton

    Hand Buzzer

    I'm becoming leery of shaking hands with people. My ALS has primarily affected my hands so far - and there has been significant muscle loss in my right hand. I'm still working and would prefer that my clients not know that I have ALS for as long as possible. I have to shake hands with...
  4. P


    Printed yesterday in the Globe and Mail... http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ArticleNews/TPStory/LAC/20050929/LIVES29/TPComment/Features Gisèle (mentioned below) is a member of this forum...
  5. U

    Loss of sense of taste

    Hello everyone, Please, can you tell me if anyone has experienced loss of sense of taste? As soon as I posted only few days ago that dad was doing well, all of a sudden he is not. The mental anguish he is going though is making matters far worse, as all his nerves are reeling. As if this...
  6. B

    How Aspartame Causes Lou Gehrigs

    Aspartame and Lou Gehrigs disease Aspartame damages the cardiac conduction system and causes sudden death. The article below (Team Targets Sudden Cardiac Death) might as well have been written about this toxin because it describes the problem this killer causes. Tragic reports from Iraq...