1. A

    Symptom onset question

    What does Symptom onset really mean? I am sure many PALS can think back further to incidents or changes in their life where the dismissed it as getting older. My first symptom that made me go see a doc, was my person trainer noticed I had an abnormal gait when running (Jan 2016). Or was it...
  2. H


    Has any one heard of Tamoxifen which works to rescue the motor dysfunction of the TDP-43 mice? Apperently Rapamycin could also work, but Tamoxifen has less side effect. Thanks
  3. Lobster

    Breast Cancer Treatment for ALS?

    Saw this at AOL and Huffington Post, not exactly the New England Journal of Medicine... Breast Cancer Treatment for ALS? Posted: 9/2/11 11:36 AM ET ALS (Amyotrohic Lateral Sclerosis) -- also know as Lou Gehrig's disease -- represents one of the most challenging disorders for neurologists...
  4. A

    Tamoxifen and ALS

    Hi All, My mom has bulbar ALS and was recently diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer. The doctors have put her on Tamoxifen to shrink the tumor. We are aware of the trials done with ALS patients and the possible positive side effects of Tamoxifen on progression. What I'm curious...
  5. S

    Clinical Trial of Tamoxifen

    Hi there, Has anyone heard of Tamoxifen for the treatment of ALS and if so what were the issues, Many thanks, Susan IRISH NEWCOMER:cry:
  6. J

    New and have some questions about drug therapies

    Hello all! I'm new here and I'm in the process of being DXed. I want to thank you all for sharing so freely on here..for people new to the process, it brings great comfort as well as a wealth of knowledge. My appointment with the MND/ALS Center at the U of U is over a month away. I can't...
  7. G


    First of all, thanks to John1 for his answer to my 1st post. Since 10/2005, i take RILUTEK. Last week, i met one of the best belgian neurologist at hospital Saint Luc/Bruxelles. He proposed me to take a well known drug for breast cancer: "TAMOXIFEN" He is not sure it works for ALS but told...