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    Please Help

    I am a 28 year old male who has been to very good doctors over the last nine months, and I am not a hypochondriac nor one to doctor shop. Please let me tell everyone my background. About two years ago I experienced extreme stiffness in my right pectoral muscle. I had it reoccur a few times over...
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    Pls help me

    Hello everybody. I m from Turkey and 29 years old. I just want some help. Before my story i pray all als and other illness people.I hope god will help everybody Everything started 4 months ago.I felt numbness on my head and on my right arm for 3 days.Then i went to neorology doctor and she...
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    medical trail

    noticable sympthoms appeared may 2009. after a series of mri;s blood tests, emg''s nct's, two physicians, one had surgeon, four neurologists diagnosed with als feb 2010. it appears to be progressing very slowly, for which i give thanks every day. three things must be maintained, strong belief...
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    Undiagnosed.. Read please

    Well hey guys I'm new to this, and I'm worried. I've been getting these sympthoms. First of all I haven't gone to the doctor due to haveing no health insurance. I know this a forum for people that have ALS but I'm scared and I want opinions. Recently I started getting these sympthoms: Yawning...
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    I write from Spain. I am not diagnosed at this moment but I have weird sympthoms.