1. N

    Why does it have to be especially hard sometimes

    This has been a horrible week. My back went out a week ago Friday. Since then the spasms have come and gone and I've muddled through. I know others here struggle from back issues as well. Another "lovely" side effect of this danged disease. Yesterday I was feeling pretty good. Headed to...
  2. A

    Asking if I have als

    Hello I really be really thankful if someone replys well my first symptom was numbness and tingling in my right calf that stop up till today. I was haveing my wrists and fingers were weak and acking hurt started with knuckles only one finger was hurting at a time same finger would hurt on both...
  3. David

    ALSforums v2.0 Responsive Layout

    There's a new website theme available for the forums. This theme is mobile responsive, meaning it should display more appropriately on smart phones, tablets and similar small-screen devices. There's screenshots attached below. For those of you that would like to try it you can use the...
  4. C

    Upcoming Family Visit

    So at Thanksgiving, we had my hubby's (my PALS) family here for a big feast. Right before the meal, my brother-in-law was helping me prepare the stuffing and I stated that I really like the Thanksgiving dishes. He replied -- and I'm not kidding--"That's obvious. You have put on a lot of...
  5. N

    How to make phone communications without using hands and fingers

    ALS disease includes common symptoms such as muscle weakness throughout the entire body. When your fingers and hands get weaker then how can you communicate by phone? I cannot pick up a handset and I cannot press the telephone keypad at all. I had to rely on my caregiver for each phone...
  6. C

    Kindle help

    My CALS uses an old Kindle that has a switch on the side that you press to turn the page. It does not have a backlight which makes it hard to read at night. He has problems using the one with a touch screen and did not like the light you can attach to the kindle. Any suggestions? cici
  7. A

    Turning in bed

    Although I can still move my arms and legs, my neck is very weak and the only way I have found to turn in bed is to sit first and then to lie down on the other side. The reason I have to sit is that when you turn, usually (without realizing it) you lift your body and head a little. Without that...
  8. T

    Personality changes?

    Has anyone else seen basic personality changes in their mate? My soul mate of 34 years, who now has ALS, was the guy who tells me dinner is good every day. If I do something for him he always goes out of his way to thank me. He never makes anyone feel like they are bothering him if they need...
  9. A

    24 Hour Progression

    At the beginning of the weekend my husband was using his walker to get to the bathroom and bedroom and back . Granted not a great distance and slow going but he was managing it. Last night his legs just seemed to give out and he could barely make it from the bed to our bathroom which is just a...
  10. C

    Suction machine is weak?

    My PALS (bulbar palsy, PEG, no food or drink by mouth) got his Devilbiss suction machine a few months ago, tried it a couple of times and decided spitting was more efficient. He's been spitting/wiping ever since and struggling with thick, pasty phlegm however he can. We had the technician come...