1. KimT

    ALS Specialist denies pain related to disease

    Hello, Since my dx I've been to three ALS Specialty Clinics. One was strictly for a second opinion and it was out of state. Two weeks ago the doctor I ended up with (since my diagnosis) told me that the level of pain I was experiencing did NOT happen in ALS and said "pain other than cramping...
  2. Nuts

    Different Temps in Legs

    OK, I need some advise here. Matt has always put out a lot of heat, but he's a serious hot potatoe now. What's odd is that one leg is very very hot and the other is icy cold. I'd expect them both to be cold from lack of circulation We put a call into the VA doc and the nurse called back and...
  3. L

    What are the chances?

    Hello everyone. Firstly my thoughts go out to all of you PALS and CALS. If I am not gone by then, my passion is neuroscience and I hope to become a medical researcher in the study of progressive neurological disorders such as ALS and Parkinson 's. I am a 17 year old African American female. I...
  4. A

    Interpreting the medical specialists

    Help! In the last week we have had visits by our GP, hospice nurse and palliative care specialist. ( she's head of palliative care in our large regional hospital that is 1 hour away.) We do feel very special that we have so many people helping us! The problem is, all of them finally get around...
  5. G

    Sub- Symptoms

    Hi everyone! I am Gary diagnosed last January, and thankyou all so much for just being there, I've not posted before to avoid repetition as many threads answer my questions. My walking difficulties caused my first fall the other night, was in dressing gown because we were fixing to go to bed ...
  6. L

    Scared and confused

    Hi everyone :) Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and give any insight you might have. It's truly, truly appreciated. I am experiencing some symptoms that have me scared about ALS. Prior to the ALS concern, I have been seeing a neurologist with a suspicion of Lyme disease (and have...
  7. S

    Husband not feeling right

    A few weeks ago, my husband started feeling really weary and tired most of the time. Let me backtrack. He is taking medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, anti inflamitories, lasix for leg swelling, riloteck, got a steroid shot in his right knee, and is also taking some herbal medicine...
  8. J

    my symptoms

    As of three days ago I've noticed that I was having a hard time pressing the unlock button on my ipod touch with my right hand, which was something I had never had a problem with. My hand felt very weak, I couldn't apply very much strength with it, and I was having this constant burning...
  9. B

    ALS and heart rate

    Does anyone have an elevated heart rate as this disease progresses? I have always had a little high resting heart rate, even in my early twenties it was 90 to 95. In the last month it has risen to between 117 to 126, and that's when I first wake up, before I even get out of bed. I've also...
  10. L

    Irritated site

    Hey all, I have been struggling with swelling and iritation around my tube 4 a few weeks. Normally i just neosporin it 4 a few days and it clear up but nothing this time, also it doesn't smell but there is definitely more goop. thoughts on what else you do ?