1. Al

    Foot and Leg Swelling

    http://www.living-with-als.org/Diane/ I have been trying to find this website for more than a week now. Barbie 4 asked about feet swelling and I knew I had a site somewhere and when I found it it was out of service. Someone else posted the new site and I thank them. Go to the site and there is...
  2. MtPockets

    Bi-Pap concern throat swelling?

    I woke up this morning and felt like I was choking. I usually sleep all night with my Bi-Pap, and have been for 2 months now, this time I woke at 4am and felt like a large lump was forming in my throat that was blocking my air. I got up and one nostril was blocked with mucous, so don't know if I...
  3. P

    massage, electro muscle stimulation etc.

    This is my first post and my mom has als. She lately has gotten one arm that is very swollen(she can't use it and is in a wheelchair as both her legs don't work anymore) and today I did a massage technique on it to help drain the swelling from it and I had a 75% reduction in the swelling in 35...
  4. W

    knee swelling

    I seem to have developed another bizarre symptom. I am know getting a lot of swelling above, below and behind my knee. If I squat the pain is severe and the more I walk the more pain I get. Although I have had all the regular symptoms of als such as cramping, twitching, atrophy of limbs, trouble...
  5. J

    Hand Swelling

    Good Morning, Is swelling of the hands a common result of ALS? My husband, Vic is now troubled with his right hand swelling mostly at night. Our local ALS Society has just provided him with a Track Ball system and that has made his use of the computer somewhat easier. He is soldiering on trying...
  6. T

    Sensitive to touch

    Hi, This is my first time posting. My husband was diagnosed about 4 months ago. One foot has dropped and has very little feeling. I think this is due to swelling. My questions is, That same leg is sensitive to touch. Do any of you have the sensitivity problem? Thanks