sustained clonus

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    worrying symptoms

    Hi everyone i just wanted to give a little update but had to start a new thread as my old one is closed and i dont know how to open it. The symptoms i had before being referred to a neurologist were stiffness fascicuslations, very brisk knee reflex and sustained clonus all in the left leg. Ive...
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    worrying symptoms?

    Hi everyone my name is Clarke, I'm really sorry to bother you all I just have a quick question that hopefully somebody could help me with. I've literally had a constant non stop twitch in my left quad for nearly 13 months now, in the last 5 months the same muscle also becomes hard and stiff. I...
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    wrist atrophy

    Hello all. Thank you for your patience and your support. Though it seems as though my scenario is one that does not require too much worry at this time. I have read many scenarios where ALS was missed at the stary of the process and as symptoms progressed, it became clear of the disease...
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    Weakness Before Atrophy...Always?

    Hello all. It has been a while and I still have concerns about ALS. Many neuros, and many EMGs all clean. Unsustained clonus and brisk in the knees. I have some twitching in my right wrist and it is seemingly smaller than the left. My strength in all areas is 5/5. I have had these concerns...
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    Long story short

    Hello, I am a 32 y/o woman, and I run marathons recreationally. I started noticing some very occasional trouble getting my left leg to work right during runs in 11-12/2011. It was what I would decribe as extremely mild. It only happened several miles into a run and was really just a feeling that...
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    Confusing Symptoms w/No Explanation from MD's

    I am so new to this that I do not even know if I am asking my question in the right place. I am 46 years old. Neurological testing shows that I have hyperreflexia, sustained clonus in both ankles, as well as a slightly upward moving big left toe. I have tingling throughout my body, but mostly...
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    What are first ALS symptoms?

    I am a 46 year old female. In December of 2008, I was diagnosed with chronic hives and angioedema (facial swelling). Bloodwork showed that I had a chronic urticaria index of "greater than 50." Normal CUI is 0 to 10. Allergist said that this result showed likelihood of autoimmune disease...