1. K

    Need Advice: Where to Buy Mesh Hoyer Slings

    Hi all, New here, and hoping someone can chime in with some advice. My mother is 87, with delicate skin. The ALS closet loaned us a mesh U sling, but we need one with head support and padded legs (as recommended by our OT). I've scoured the forum and can't find any specifics on suppliers...
  2. dkcarl62

    PWC seat cushion woes

    I have been struggling for months now, trying to find a pwc seat cushion that is comfortable for me. I’m working with the seating clinic at UoM that supplied the chair. They given me at least 8 different samples to try and none of them are comfortable to sit in for long. The length of time...
  3. Margesmn

    Turning mattress

    Hi, We are looking at purchasing a turning mattress. I'm looking for opinions on brands, suppliers and general input about the cost vs reward. Thanks!!
  4. P

    reliable, fair suppliers

    the home page on this site was changed a week ago. the search function on that page worked for me, but it has been removed. the remaining search functions on this site do not work for me. when i type in a few letters, i get redirected off this site;every time. this is the only site that this...
  5. L

    Toilet Seat Lift

    We bought a "Tush Push" toilet seat lift. (I know...great name) It has a motor that moves the toilet seat up and at a slight angle and comes with a remote control. It is easy to install and works well. My PALS needs some help standing up and I am not quite strong enough to bear all the...
  6. rose

    the headmaster: anyone using it?

    I tried to create a new thread last week, asking if anyone has tried the headmaster, I don't know, maybe because I included a link, for whatever reason it never came out of waiting for moderator approval. So..... lets try it again, without the picture link. At clinic last week, they wanted me...
  7. B

    Where to find accessible bathtubs?

    I haven't posted since last November. My dad has ALS and is rapidly losing mobility. At Christmastime, his arms were weak and his speech was notably slurred. Now his arms are almost entirely useless, his speech continues to deteriorate, and now his legs are weakening rapidly. Dad and mom...
  8. L

    Medical Equipment Recco's Needed

    My father was diagnosed with ALS a few months ago and we have been dealing with his progressing symptoms for nearly 2 years. His demands are growing and needs are constant as he can't find comfort in his body and has no independence. Ideally we look at the bright side of what we do still have...