1. Kristina1

    weight and supplementation frustration

    My weight has been steadily dropping, and I was re-assessed by the nutritionist regarding my tube supplementation. I was supplementing about one carton per day, and she said she wanted me to gain 10-20 lbs, and changed my prescription to 4.5 cartons per day. Part of the reason for the massive...
  2. R

    Update re: Previous Thread The above thread is my original thread, which has since been closed. Hi, I posted about two months ago with concerns that I had re: twitching and other ailments that were not indicative of anything worrisome. I saw...
  3. KimT

    Facebook Group Pot for PALS

    If you are interested in ongoing discussions about medical cannabis, there is a new FB Group called Pot for PALS. It is being run by the same person who runs Pills for PALS. I've learned a lot about supplementation from the other group and hope I can contribute something in the new group. I...
  4. KimT

    Levels of B Vitamins

    First, I've not started taking IM B-12 yet. I see my doctor again on Monday. My local neurologist has an interest in DNA testing for various things. He doesn't charge for this part of the blood work. He is in favor of my starting IM B-12. I've been taking sub lingual B-12 for awhile so I...
  5. R

    Sulfur and ALS

    Hi Everyone, I am 27yr old and currently I am going through a very bad phase of my life-anxiety, depression etc etc.So request you all to please bare with my question as it can be anxiety driven-:( :( Daily I take healthy natural diet, supplements (omega3, multivitamin, whey, MSM). I also take...
  6. A

    Vitamine D

    Hi everybody, Can sometone tell me how much Supplementation of Vitamine D is needed . I've read up to 10 times higher than usal. Could that be? ever give up! Arda
  7. F

    my dad..

    Hello! I am new to this forum and first of all I want to thank the organizers for this forum - very good and epsecially important work – and I am very glad I found this platform! May I introduce name is Florian and I am Scientist, though not Neurologist but Immunologist BUT in fact...
  8. A

    Completeley confused and deppressed !

    This is the first time i have written here, my mom was diagnosed in september 2011, My mom is a very independent woman, and to today i can not find the courage to confront her with her diagnose, she does not know what this disease is just like i didnt either, but the more i look and find out and...
  9. C

    Copper Deficiency?

    Is copper deficiency truly an ALS mimic? For the past six months I have had mutiple symptoms. Heavy, weak legs with fasciculations and assymetric muscle changes have been at the top of the list. The only test that has come back abnormal is my copper syrem @45. Has anyone here heard of symptoms...
  10. rcharlton

    Mitochondrial Insufficiency - say what?

    Here's another summary from an interesting recent article. Lists some familiar supplements (stay the course) and offers some hope. Just for fun - try saying "Orthomolecular" 5 times fast. 1: Altern Med Rev. 2005 Dec;10(4):268-293. Related Articles, Links Neurodegeneration from...