1. Inventor

    Editing the Supplement Wiki now requires logging in

    Since a couple of months ago, there has been a constant stream of spam penetrating the filters. I found no other option than to prevent anonymous editing of the Wiki. However, creating an account is trivial: just click the link at the top-right corner of the page. Welcome! ALS Supplement Wiki
  2. K

    blended food by mouth

    I can eat soft food but it's getting more difficult so I'm turning more to puree ing . I'm having trouble with the consistency of certain foods. I tried pureeing instant oatmeal this morning but it was too gritty. I have a vitamix and had added cream and flaxseed oil. Any ideas? I have a...
  3. Kristina1

    question about swallowing pills

    Hello everyone. I received a provisional diagnosis of ALS yesterday and a label of "probable ALS." My symptoms are in my speech/swallow area and my dominant left hand. I was wondering how others with bulbar problems manage swallowing pills. I aspirate frequently on liquids/saliva, and...
  4. J

    Read sticky and still very scared about ALS

    This may seem very silly to everyone on here but i am having some very real fears about the possibility of MND. I have a close friend whose mother died from it and another one whose father died from it. My story starts about 6 months ago but I will first tell you I have a long history of...
  5. D

    New Foundation to Help PALS

    Please consider forwarding this post to any attorneys, doctors, OTs, PTs, RTs, or nurses who may be interested in volunteering for a new foundation--the ALS Action Foundation (ALSAF)--whose mission is to conduct research and promote education and awareness concerning the resources available to...
  6. S


    What is the best supplement that you can put down the tube daily to prevent constipation?
  7. B


    This was posted on another ALS Forum: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Animal Study Suggests ALS Motor Neuron Loss May be Delayed with Triheptanoin September 20, 2016 Teresa Pais, PhDby Teresa Pais, PhD Because of increasing evidence...
  8. P


    Please forgive me if this is something everyone is bored of discussing - no need at all to post a reply if so! I have been given a working diagnosis of PLS after 2 1/2 years of spasticity (and some weakness) especially in my legs and also in upper body. I've been reading about diet and...
  9. KimT

    Hospital bed

    I have Medicare with BCBS Supplement. How do I get qualified for a hospital bed. I also need recommendations on what features to get. This is one where I will go into savings to get something better than provided, if necessary. I already have major pain issues and have a queen size...
  10. V

    Extra nutritional supplement

    My dad had a PEG tube and was using glucerna 1.5(8 oz) vanilla flavor. I have 4 cases (120 cans) that I have been trying to donate but no one seems to be able to take it. It's covered by insurance so apparently most people can get it easily. Anyone have any suggestions on where I could donate...