1. G

    Six Months - Many Symptoms - No Answers

    Hello, Like many others I have been visiting this message board after experiencing symptoms that led me to the internet - that led me here. I have read many posts and many stories on this site and have much respect for this wonderful forum. I will try not to make this a long and hard to read...
  2. W

    Does this sound like ALS?

    I apologize if I accidentally posted this twice. I tried posting earlier but I’m afraid I did something wrong and lost the post because I can’t find it. I’ll try to re-type my sentiments from my earlier post... I went to visit my PCP regarding muscle twitching. I have had twitching for about...
  3. B

    Not sure if I should be worried or not...

    Hello all. I’ll start off by saying Happy New Year and I hope everyone has a joyful evening. I’m a new member to this forum but I’ve been reading post after post as a guest. I’m a 21 year old female who has been having worrisome (to me) symptoms. I’ll admit to everyone I am somewhat of a...
  4. KimT

    Keep Constipation in check

    As a result of chronic constipation and going off psyllium for a few months, I developed hemorrhoids. Recently, I discovered bright red blood so I went in for an exam. The gastro found an anal fissure and scheduled me for a procedure to have a closer look and treat the hemorrhoids at the same...
  5. I


    Just read about this supplement on here. The thread is closed. Does anyone have any new info on this supplement? It doesn't look too expensive and doesn't seem to have adverse effects. If you are taking it, would you indicate the brand? I'm in Canada. Thanks!
  6. G

    After months of lurking, I'm officially here

    I've been lurking here for about 6 months, mostly to be able to say, "oh good, that doesn't sound like me!" But, as of September 24th, I became an "official PALS". Not a club I wanted to be part of. My symptoms started with excessive yawning, and the inability to sing. Like I sang a solo on...
  7. Tedstehr

    Hope without false hope

    After reading a few threads about the Vancouver ALS Clinic I spoke to the main contact there about "Giving Hope without False Hope." I sent a follow up email listing some things like the supplement list Sunnybrook gives out (thank you Al!) so people can feel they are doing something. I am...
  8. A

    Questions about possible symptoms

    Really worried about potential ALS symptoms. I do deal with a lot of anxiety and obviously getting on google never really seems to help. Going to try and lay down a time line of how things have progressed over the past few months: Jan 2017- was having trouble with food getting caught in throat...
  9. M


    I don't know if I'm in the minority on this. But lately, tipping has begun to really irritate me. It started about 10 years ago when I walked into a restaurant to pickup my phone order. I went to the register, gave my card, and was given the receipt to sign. It had a tip line on it. I...
  10. A

    ALS Concerns

    Hello all, I'll keep this short in case I'm in the wrong website. I've read the stickies here, my posting is fear driven because I'm not sure if my symptoms are relevant to ALS or not. I'm 48, prior US military, male, in generally good health but have high blood pressure/elevated cholesterol...
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