1. S

    Sad when I should be smiling

    With the 1 year anniversary past without to much sadness and My Son getting called back to his job and My Daughter getting into every college she applied to with many scholarship offers I feel like I was in a decent place. My new G/F is wonderful understanding and loving to the 3 of us.. My...
  2. C

    Fall and a ...rant?

    Innocence lost, perhaps? Mon took a nasty fall and banged up her head and wrist on Saturday. One eye swelled shut, purple down onw side of her face, really unstable. When she was still, well, wonky and having extra difficulty walking today, I took her in to the hospital where she goes to...
  3. L

    Hello from Germany

    Hello everyone, i´m a Medical Student from Bavaria, Germany and first of all, i want to say sorry for my english. I hope everyone can understand what i´m talking about. So, i´m here, because i think i could have ALS and tomorrow i have an appointment at a neurologist. As there are only 15...
  4. R

    Dr. Bruijn - Lecture on ALS at Univ of Notre Dame

    Dr. Bruijn is giving a research talk on Thursday, April 20, 7 pm, Jordan Hall Room 101, at the University of Notre Dame. Anyone in the area is most welcome. I'm hoping that some students are there and become intrigued with pursuing the science. If anybody can help spread the word, I would be...
  5. KimT

    Financial Situation and Future Planning

    I'm writing this for the benefit of all CALS and PALS. I've been a CPA for nearly 40 years. Part of this has involved personal financial planning and teaching personal financial planning at the college and university level. PLEASE make sure you have a financial plan and your spouse AND...
  6. KimT

    The finances of ALS

    We all know how expensive this disease is and how it can devastate one financially. I thought it would be good to start a thread of tips for dealing with the money issues of this disease. I know when I first suspected I had ALS, I needed to decide whether I would take my pension in a lump sum...
  7. W

    Scholarships for PALS' Teenage & college-aged children

    I'm not sure which forum to put this in but on a forum on reddit a young man whose father passed away from ALS was bringing his family's scholarship fund to everyone's attention. There will be 6 $2,500 scholarships given to students who were/are in high school or college when their parents...
  8. C

    Teenage boys

    I have mentioned before that I am a high school teacher and I absolutely love my job. As Christmas approaches I have been pondering what to get my PALS. He had seen commercials for the virtual realty headsets and he wondered if that would be something he could use and enjoy. I was going to...
  9. O

    scholarships for college student

    Does anyone have any info regarding scholarships for college students whose parent died from ALS?
  10. C

    A positive message

    Sometimes it feels like we are bruised and battered by life but today I got a nice reminder of the positive. As I think I have said before, I am a high school teacher and I love my job. Sometimes it is so difficult trying to work full-time and care for my PALS, but The kids and my colleagues...