1. dkcarl62

    Sticky gummy mouth

    Hello all once again, I’m like the college student who never writes unless they need money. Well, I don’t need money, I need help. My ability to eat regular food has declined rapidly. I’m now on strictly pureed foods and smoothies. Water with ThickIt. Everything out of a straw. Pureed...
  2. R

    ALS Fear

    I am a 15 year old student from Portugal and even though quite rare at my age i still believe i might have ALS. It all started 3 weeks ago when i first felt pain on my right bicep. This pain was followed by incresead stiffness all over my right arm. One week later the pain was gone and i was...
  3. S

    Am I experiencing ALS?

    Hello all, My name is Fidel, I am a 23 year old college student and I can't tell the difference between anxiety and real symptoms of ALS. Background I had an abrnormaln EKG which I believe sent me into an anxiety spiral. I was told the arrhythmia is benign, but now I can't help but continue...
  4. K

    Fasiculations and confirmed clinical weakness. Terrified

    Hi there, I'm a 27 year old woman who is absolutely terrified I'm developing signs of ALS. I'm also a medical student, so I'm subjected to extreme stress and anxiety on a daily basis, and this health saga I've recently been dealing with is really wearing me down. It started 4 weeks ago when...
  5. M

    ALS Credibility Prediction Software--Please Share Treatment Experiences

    Dear ALS Patients and Families, It's really wonderful to see a place like this so active with support for each other. Thank you for being here. I'm a computer science student at Oregon State University and for my senior design project, my partners and I are building software that helps...
  6. A

    Freaking myself out? Or ALS?

    Hi everyone! My aunt was diagnosed with ALS around a year ago, and since then it's taking a huge toll on her. She was tested for the family gene and it came up negative, so I know that ALS doesn't run in my family. However, around a couple months ago I started getting pains in my hands. When I...
  7. O

    scholarships for college student

    Does anyone have any info regarding scholarships for college students whose parent died from ALS?
  8. J

    PEG Users Help!

    Hi everyone :smile: I am a student at Loughborough University in the UK studying Product Design and Technology. I am currently working on a project to design a product to allow PEG users to self-administer their formula at home without assistance. To help make the final product as good as...
  9. S

    $ questions

    I hope this is posted in the correct area. My spouse was diagnosed with ALS early September. Does anyone here have experience getting federal student loans forgiven? Any options on getting unsecured debt relieved? Such as credit card debt? If student loan debt does not get discharged; is the...
  10. W

    24 years old -- progressing symptoms

    Hi guys. I've been a creeper of this board for a few months and have finally decided to post. I have only just been referred to a Neuro for my symptoms, and he hasn't even gotten back to me on an appointment date. I'm a health profession student, so plenty of associated anxiety. I have been...