1. mydecember1985

    My story after 6 months of twitching, cramps, and maybe some foot drop. Suggestions?

    Hello everyone! Long-time lurker since all this started back in August of '16. I was reading and learning as I came back to the site once a week or so. I guess I'll just jump right in. Male. 31 years old. 13 years in the restaurant industry as server/bartender/manager. Just graduated...
  2. E

    Wife has "likelihood of ALS" diagnosis

    I want to start by saying what a great group this is for someone like us. I have been reading these boards for awhile and find it remarkable how knowledgeable and caring the users are. For that I thank you. This is my first time posting, and I tend to get a little long winded at times, so...
  3. gooseberry

    Caregiver. Allowance

    Heard a radio story, and I dont know that it is true, but I will pass it on yo you. The report talked about caregivers of vets, who belong to the caregiver program, can receive up to 2k a month for the care they provide. The money is dependent on the vets rating.
  4. T

    Devasted after a follow-up EMG

    i,ve done an EMG 2 months ago (I wont repeat the whole story, I guess it could be easily found if needed) with an ALS specialist from MOntreal . The doc told me to see her againfor a follow up and to do some bloodtest (she thought that my ymptoms could be related to Mystenia gravis) and tjhat...