stop working

  1. C

    Helping relative plan for short and long term?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but have been searching around in the back posts for a while now. I'm writing for insight that might help me as a caregiver and greatly appreciate your thoughts. Background: My mother-in-law, aged 65, has been having difficulty speaking for about a year now. It...
  2. B

    4 years plus

    He has been told that he is four years or more into Pbp ..we see a great dr. At this clinic in fresno. He still works everyday out here on our pistachio orchard. The Dr is amazed by his strength that he still has. Got the tube last month. He still feels its the beginning to the end. But it has...
  3. B


    Hello friends. You've been so helpful that I do have more questions. Thank you, in advance. So I'm now 3 weeks into positive diagnosis for ALS. What I didn't tell you is that I'm 49 and working at a fairly successful job. As my hand and legs have been showing noted weakness (I went from cane...
  4. K

    MS Diagnosis in question due to rapid progression

    I am writing just the facts. Not my opinion or feeling. Just the facts. March 2011 Charlie horse in left leg waking me at night April 2011 strange gait and muscle twitching, fatigue, Brain MRI shows lesions atypical for MS, start using cane for assistance. June 2011 MS neuro orders more...
  5. M

    Work OR Not?

    Hi Everyone, I work every day 10 to 11 hours have forever. my question is should i stop working? My employer said they word do whatever i need to work as long as I'm able. But knowing whats in strore for me just not when. I'm not sure what to do. any advice?
  6. N

    Sick of No Answers

    I really Need Help Here - Comprehensive List of Symptoms What is wrong with me is my question? I am a 36 year old Male When symptoms first started I was 31 years old I am now 36 and the symptoms have come back on me recently. Here are my symptoms from onset to how I am feeling today: 2005...
  7. P

    Need help for my Mum

    Hi there I posted a few times on here a year or so ago when my Dad was first having symptoms. He has now been diagnosed and physically the deterioration seems to be, thankfully, pretty slow. He has lost all use of is right hand and arm and his left is going. He has fasiculations everywhere now...
  8. E

    Questions for those who had to stop working

    Hi everyone: I was hoping some of you could share your experiences/stories about working (or needing to stop) while caring for your PALS. I work full time and my husband has had ALS for just over two years. We have a group of great caregivers, but his condition is deteriorating to the point...
  9. Katie C

    OK universe.. knock it off!

    :mad:So as if we didn't have enough to deal with as Glen's FTD seems to be worsening, and his physical symptoms.. he's agreed it's time to stop working, and he can no longer put on a jacket on his own, either zip front or over his head. NOW.. my mom's in the hospital and been diagnosed with...
  10. BethU

    Picking a wheelchair

    Hi, all ... I'm the PALS, but I need to get a wheelchair for my husband ASAP, and I have no idea what to look for. I assume it would be good to get something I can use down the line. Background: You don't have to read all this, as it doesn't relate to ALS. But I think my husband has MS ... his...