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  1. G

    Questions relating to sticky re: initial symptons

    Hi there, I'm looking for some further information on initial symptons. I have read the sticky note at the top of the page but wonder if the community can add to this. -I'm 35 male. 75kg. -Up until the end of September I felt well. -In October I had a bad cold which lasted several weeks...
  2. B

    PALS must be CALM!

    hello all, i have limb onset that has now progressed to where even a little walking is very tough. my voice is weakening and i am laughing and crying too much. i take herbal medicine for the crying. i also see a therapist once a week and am making a great effort at self-caring and fun projects...
  3. S

    staying home / working outside the home

    I have a question that I'm sure many others have wrestled with and I would love to hear how you have come to a decision on it if you have. My husband was diagnosed almost two years ago, in the fall of 2014. I'm a teacher and he is retired. He was doing some contract work at the time but all from...
  4. B

    When did you decide to stop working?

    Hi everyone :) This is my first time posting. My name is Brita I am 29 and was diagnosed with ALS in Nov 2015. It’s been hard to come to terms with but thankfully everyone around me is very supportive. The biggest issue I am struggling with lately is if I should/how much longer should I...
  5. M

    husband with ALS

    My husband age 49, was diagnosed with ALS in August 2015. He started doing test in April when he noticed a sore throat. He lost 50 pounds(muscle) from April to August and noticed his arms were very weak. He was diagnosed August 27, and the doctor told him he had 3-6 months to live. We asked for...
  6. S

    Complete panic mode!

    I know I sound like just a million of other paranoid people on the internet, but please help me to see what this could be, and I'm panicking thinking I have ALS... Symptoms At about November of last year I developed a few non-ALS related symptoms (headaches being one of the primary ones). I...
  7. D

    Hi there, just been diagnosed

    I'm seeing specialist next week for a full diagnosis but I do have als/MND and it's more likely bulbar palsy. A year ago I noticed slurred speech, maybe 2 months later I had severe Choking {laryngospasm} I now have really bad speech, muscles in Upper arms and chest are twitching like f*ck. My...
  8. strongman

    Strongman is here ( so is fear)

    Hey all. I've been checking out this forum over the last few months. Today I was confirmed by second opinion neuro with ALS. I had slight left-hand weakness starting in 12/2014- it has gotten worse all over my body. I'm still mobile, but stairs and walking wear me out. I had to stop...
  9. Blondrea

    Just Diagnosed - Is Cold Weakness Common?

    Hello. My partner of ten years was just diagnosed. When his hands get cold, they stop working. When they warm up, they start working again. I've never read of this in the forums. Have any of you ever heard of or experienced this? Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
  10. tripete

    Muscle Burning - No Wasting

    More newbie questions. I do not show any "visible" muscle wasting at this time, I do have definite weakness by my standard (not clinically) and it seems that any form of exertion with my hands, legs, or lungs causes the muscles to burn and ache. Is it normal to have such burning and fatigue? It...