stem cells

  1. M

    Any effective treatment ?, help please!

    Hi, my name is Miguel, Im from mexico, my father was recently diagnosed with als in march of this year... Me and my family are very desperate because the disease has progressed very fast... he can almost walk and speak, he cant move his hands... and he is very depressed, just as we are.. He is...
  2. S

    MS breakthrough with Chemotherapy and Stem Cells

    There has been a breakthrough in a MS Canadian trial that uses Chemotherapy to kill off the immune system and stem cells re implanted. I know they are different diseases but could a trial be set up to see if this therapy would work with people who have ALS.
  3. D

    Brother Has ALS

    Recent article so I found interesting, has anyone tried this? my brother is in total denial of his diagnoisis of ALS and I would like to offer some hope to help him come to terms and accept his diagnosis so he can get the help he needs. Tuesday, January 12, 2016 12:14PM SANTA MONICA, Calif. --...
  4. Mtzu

    Hope with Stem Cells

    Kelli Boreson posted a few times here on the forum about her husband Michael and his diagnosis of ALS. I don't know if anybody here has been following what's been going on with them so I thought I'd mention it. Michael has been in a stem cell trial at the Mayo Clinic. The results show real...
  5. V

    where to receive stem cell treatment

    It seams like stem cell treatment is the hot topic now. In the US the FDA is wanting to regulate it, so where do you go? Bone Marrow stem cell treatment sounds interesting, but is there anywhere reputable in the US doing it outside clinical trials? It is difficult to get into the clinical...
  6. Nikki J

    From Mass General

    This is part of a fundraising letter from my neurologist ( this is the first time I have received one and I donated to them on more than one occasion so I did not mind at all getting it) I think I removed all fundraising parts but thought the rest might be of interest We, at the Massachusetts...
  7. A

    on the road to a therapy for people with ALS

    Hi everyboy, would like to share the following article. Tried to translate it, did my best. Ulrich Bogdan on the road to a therapy for people with ALS 18.09.2014 The neurologist Ulrich Bogdan intends to stimulate the body's own (endogenous) stem cells so that they regenerate damaged cells in...
  8. C

    My Mom's disease, any cure out there?

    Hi Folks, :) I'm new to the ALS foruim. I'm trying to find answers, But no miracle....Of course... It's been 7 months now since my mother had this disease which none of the neurologists in Seattle can figure out what she really has. My Mom turned 81 in August. Her unknown disease began...
  9. W

    The Stem Cell Cure to ALS

    Do you have Bulbar/ALS or Cervical Spondlyotic Myelopathy? Dear Bulbar ALS patients, friends and family. The most helpful thing you can do is purchase a saliva pump machine like dentists have for under $100 for the person suffering from bulbar ALS. My mom used her saliva machine very frequently...
  10. W

    There's any REAL hope for us?

    I am being in the last road of my ALS diagnosis and all I heard about it increnses the will of suicide. The researches are slow and there's no real treatment for ALS actualy. Stem Cells are promissing but it gonna take a large time to be used in the main public and it is more a reason to give...