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    first transplant of fetal stem cells into human brains

    Where there is hope Ron FDA approves first brain stem cell transplant Friday, October 21, 2005; Posted: 9:33 a.m. EDT (13:33 GMT) HEALTH LIBRARY Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Health Organizations Medical Research or Create Your Own Manage Alerts | What Is This? SAN...
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    A new hope on stem cell research Johns Hopkins researchers have found that transplants of mouse stem cells taken from the adult brain's olfactory bulb can delay symptoms and death in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig's disease. They are scheduled to present...
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    Article on Stem Cell Research and Human Trials

    I just read an article on stem cell research in the USA targeting ALS. They know that embryonic stem cells can be made to generate motor nurons like the one ALS destroys. Human trials are about two to three years away. What I don't understand is why can't we go straight to human trials and miss...
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    Scientists make nerve stem cells

    This is a post that Jeannie made, which I hope is of interest.
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    A Legitimate resource of stem cell and ALS research

    Check it out; I think that is a reputable website. There is hopeful research being done with stem cells and ALS. Patsy
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    Walk to D'Feet MND.

    Dear all, On Monday morning I put my trainers on, whipped out my A-Z, and walked from King's College Hospital to 10 Downing St as a practice runthrough of our Walk to D'Feet MND. This will be taking place on Sunday June 19th from 12 noon, with an aim to arrive at Downing St before 2pm. There...
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    Stem Cell Trials at Sunnybrook

    i've volunteered to take part in study of stemcell research at sunnybrook. Dr Cashman has got full funding and needs 5 volunteers and someone to head the study. i'm volunteer number 4. this is not embryonic stem cells. the stemcells come from our own bodies. is anyone else in the toronto area...
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    Recently Diagnosed; Familial ALS

    hi all! i was posting last year before my mom passed away in january this year. she had als as well as her brother and her cousin. i was diagnosed last month with very early onset of als. i had an mri test and i have no nerve damage. however my doctor at sunnybrook feels that i do have als...