stem cells

  1. G

    "Right To Try" in Minnesota

    I'm hoping to get BrainStorm NurOwn stem cells. BrainStorm is hoping to get the policy in early June. So I still can play my guitar, play my drums, do yard work and ride my scooter. I can't talk to well. But I'm hoping to get NurOwn.
  2. Nikki J

    Stem cell “clinics”

    This is an illustration of the fallacy of nothing to lose by trying. We always advise people who ask not to go to stem cell for pay clinics. These people did not have MND but this story shows how tragic results can be from unproven “ treatments”. There are PALS who have lost various...
  3. KarenNWendyn

    NurOwn stem cell phase 3 study

    I have looked into this study and had a fairly extensive discussion with the study coordinator at the San Francisco site. I am posting information about this study here in case anyone is interested. Enrollment is still open for this phase 3 study. The study is sponsored by Brainstorm Cell...
  4. Q

    Immune system destruction and recreation

    I'm not sure if this has been brought up already, but why isn't there any research being done on destroying the immune system and then recreating it using stem cells as a cure? I've read that they have done this for patients with multiple sclerosis, which is also an autoimmune disorder...
  5. S

    Stem Cells in Thailand - Seeking real participants

    Hello everyone My father has been diagnosed about 2 years ago and still going strong. Obviously i've been researching any option for him. I am certain many of you saw articles by Unique Access and GlobalStemCells which is the same team. We want to be vigilant and not taken advantage of...
  6. Ed340hp

    ALS Therapy Development Institute Particiption

    Is anyone else registered and participating in the ALS Therapy Development Institute Precision Medicine Program? I ask because there are open participant spots (280 filled, 20 open). I don't know if participants will be able to benefit from the neuron cell lines grown from the selected...
  7. A

    World first drug screening for MND

    It just was announced that Melbourne will have a world first MND/ALS drug screening lab! This means they can screen 1000 drugs in a week against actual MND sufferers stem cells & DNA. Have a read & google to find more articles: No Cookies | Herald Sun
  8. T


    My wife and I were watching our local news station (Channel 2 Houston) and we saw a segment from Celltex Mesenchymal Stem Cell company based here in Houston. Long story short I talked to my neurologist about this and he knows Dr. Stanley Jones the co founder of Celltex. My doctor is very excited...
  9. M

    Stem cell America once again

    Hello, sorry if this topic has already been brought up far too many times. But I just thought I would share my fathers experience with stem cell America from a a couple months ago. I wanted to wait a little while before sharing just in case there were any changes in the results. So I believe...
  10. H

    Ayahuasca stimulates the birth of new brain cells

    Article from Beckley Foundation website Scientists find that Ayahuasca stimulates neurogenesis - the birth of new brain cells – latest findings from the Sant Pau Research Programme Our collaborator Dr Jordi Riba presented these ground-breaking results at the Interdisciplinary Conference on...