stem cell treatment

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    leaving for my stem cell treatment in germany

    I am leaving tomorrow. i will be going to xcell-center in cologne germany. they do adult stem cell treatment. i will keep you updated after i return.. has anyone been there? any success? i am only 36 and figure its worth a try. the only issues is raising money for these treatments. any ideas? i...
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    Trying many different treatments

    I was diagnosed around 1 year ago. I decided to try everything I can think of. Here is the list of what I have tried so far. 2 IVIG treatments, IV ceftriaxone, Lithium Carbonate,prednisone,lyrica. Now I am going to International Stem Cell Institute for my stem cell treatment. They will infuse...
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    Hi all My brother is diagnosed with ALS. The doctor have informed us that there is no treatment at all besides "Rilotex". I've been hearing alot about stem cell treatment and i'm looking for any info concerning this matter. Do u know of any Doctors/Hospitals offering this treatment? Any...
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    Stem Cells

    I am sure many people have seen this article, but for those who haven't here is the link. Looks to be pretty big news. A tiny start-up company in Irvine has a shot at becoming the first to...
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    Stem Cell Treatment

    As some of you may be aware stem cell treatment is available in India and China. Has anyone taken this treatment? If so how good/bad it is?
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    stem cell treatment in isreal

    vemma, if you are still with us, i was wondering how your relative is doing, the one that went to hadassah hosp in isreal for stem cell treatment. dona
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    Stem cell treatment?

    First of all, people, Ive been here for a while now so you know I am NOT trying to sell anything. I genuinely want to know more about this. Bala's post got me googling. Anyway, I checked the scamwatch section on this forum and couldn't find anything about it. I also checked out chuck's site. No...
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    Stem Cell Treatment In China ?

    :? Hi All My girlfriend has recently been diagnosed with ALS and has been in touch with many Associations here in Australia. Just yesterday she was telling me of a month long tratment in china that costs a lot of money. Involved is 8 hrs a day of stem cell treatment, accupuncture, massage...
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    My mom is in India for treatment

    I have been monitoring these forums off an on for a couple years, my mom has ALS and has most recently decide to travel to India for Stem Cell treatment. Everyone she has talked to have been very positive. I thought anyone suffering with ALS would be interested in it. Her blog is very personal...
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    Stem cell treatment

    Has anyone heard about or been treated at Eden Laboratories Ltd. Belize.