stem cell treatment

  1. R

    Cell Medicine/Medistem ALS stem cell treatment

    Hi folks, I'm Rob Davis, reporter at, a nonprofit online daily in San Diego, Calif. I'm trying to find any ALS patients who've sought stem cell treatment from Medistem/Cell Medicine/the Institute for Cell Medicine in Costa Rica and now Panama. I'm on deadline working on a...
  2. L

    china and stem cell treatment

    My best friend was just diagnosed with ALS. Like most she is looking online at treatments everywhere out there. China is the latest treatment that she is looking into. She wants a reversal of the disease that she'd try anything. Has anyone gone to China for treatment or know someone who has...
  3. B

    "The Beast"

    When will the Hurt end? Over the past year I have been keeping up with the lives of many ALS victims I have been encouraged and saddened by many experiences that I been exposed to — It is now time for me to share my story – I hope it can help encourage, prepare or comfort someone during their...
  4. T

    has anyone tried stem cell treatments

    Hi has anyone out there tried stem cell treatments? Trying to find someone to talk to who has tried stem cell injections? Has it worked for you? What are your thoughts? What do you think about trying it? trtt
  5. T

    Another symptom started this AM for Mom

    Hi to all, I want to thank everyone for their wonderful inspiration and thoughts. My Mom started having a new symptom this AM, it has been 10 months since she had her first symptoms, which were all in her hands, they became weak and her forearms also became weak, but these are the only items...
  6. J

    more research

    Here is a link sent by neuralstem today The only reason it was of interest to me is because we recently went to a UK conference on stem cell treatment and one of the other speakers was an highly thought of italian researcher in...
  7. Dark.Star

    China Peking University MND/ALS research ?

    I have been suffering MND/ALS for 5 years where two legs are already useless condition for abnormalities in muscles and two hands recently abnormalities started. In 2005 ,Doctors first identified me MND by EMG test. Recently (15th May 2009) done EMG diagnosis again and report demonstrated MND ...
  8. J

    Stem cells and miracles

    I dont know whether it is possible for anyone to find a copy on the internet, of a programme shown on UK BBC tv last night May 18th Panorama With the title Stem Cells and Miracles. It was predominantly about a child who is blind and a lady with MS. The clinics they visited were in China and...
  9. L

    stem cell treatment for ALS?

    i was told that maybe "stem cell treatment "maybe will help my poor mum for her ALS. anybody has any idea about this operation? i am getting crazy ! hope there is a cure for my mum. thanks for everybody Linda
  10. M

    Stem Cell Experience

    Is there anybody who has been able to try stem cell treatment through trials or via a clinic. I've read some of the threads but it seems to be inconclusive. There's a lot of research that seems to be coming up and it seems to have had good results with other neurological disorders. Thanks