stem cell treatment

  1. K

    Stem Cell Treatment

    Has anyone had any stem cell treatment for ALS from Beijing Tiantan Puhua Hospital or the Cells Center China in Beijing? I saw that they had a stem cell trial listed in Clinical Trials. gov so I wondered how legit they are. I would like to know more about it and how successful the treatments were.
  2. John1

    FDA approves Brain Storm's phase 2 trial

    Some good news. FDA has approved the phase 2 trial of Brain Storm's adult stem cell treatment. On the negative news side, Cytokinetic's trial failed to reach its mid term objective. Read about both here...
  3. John1

    FDA approves BrainStorm phase 2 trial

    Sorry, I first posted this thread in the wrong forum. I've now moved it to "ALS research news".
  4. K

    stem cell of america

    has anyone been there and received the treatment and had good results? im going to China in may for stem cell treatment and they have had great results. but now I hear of the place in los Angeles called stem cell of America. just want to know if anyone has been there.
  5. D

    Ctci centre israel

    We are taking my father back to Israel in May for stem cell treatment, the hospital is The CTCI Centre in Tel Aviv and this is the 2nd time we have visited for treatment. Does anyone have any relatives with ALS who have had stem cell treatment, I would be interested to know what there results...
  6. E

    stem cells,.gene therapy 0 times!, and Gilenya

    Iwould suggest to you that ALS TDI Seems to focus mainly on traditional drug therapy. It might be that drug therapy will become yesterday's solution. I was on Gilenya for over 3 months with no positive indication, I hope ALS TDI has rolling data reporting so that the trial can be terminated...
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    Please consider signing this stem cell petition, Thinking of one for placebo? and ma

    Help accelerate stem cell treatments by signing this White House petition.… See link at bottom Share on Facebook and social media. I believe we also need to start one to have the FDA allow ALS trials to proceed without a placebo arm… There are thousands of placebo arm data points already in...
  8. A

    Help Needed!

    Hi, My uncle was diagnosed with ALS three months before. After that the disease is spreading very quickly. We tried several doctors but none of them gave any positive response. But very recently I googled Wu Stem Cells Medical Center in China and contacted them. They gave a positive response...
  9. L

    Ted Harada Talks hope and Expediting Trials

    In this article, Ted Harada, the man who experienced improvement and slowing of his ALS after participating in the NeuralStem stem cell trial, discusses his involvement in several important initiatives to expedite research and treatment availability: Give hope to those with ALS *| I...
  10. Al

    Deadly Stem Cell Treatment

    Doctor restricted after patient reportedly dies from in-office stem cell procedure By LIZ FREEMAN Naples Daily News Posted February 28, 2011 State health regulators have imposed an emergency license restriction on Dr. Zannos Grekos for using experimental stem cell therapy on a breast cancer...