stem cell treatment

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    ALS. Lou Gehrig's disease

    I started having problems and about May of 2015 I am now on the date of February 26th 2017. My hands and feet are paralyzed have no equilibrium. I need help with everything except I can get in the bath and climb out on my side period I have to use two hands brush my teeth and it takes forever to...
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    Stem cell America once again

    Hello, sorry if this topic has already been brought up far too many times. But I just thought I would share my fathers experience with stem cell America from a a couple months ago. I wanted to wait a little while before sharing just in case there were any changes in the results. So I believe...
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    brainstorm may offer stem cell treatment for fee

    Patient Access to NurOwn® - BrainStorm
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    SF stem cell treatment center

    Anyone familiar with the san Francisco stem cell treatment center for ALS? Rich
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    where to receive stem cell treatment

    It seams like stem cell treatment is the hot topic now. In the US the FDA is wanting to regulate it, so where do you go? Bone Marrow stem cell treatment sounds interesting, but is there anywhere reputable in the US doing it outside clinical trials? It is difficult to get into the clinical...
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    bulbar palsy

    My husband has been diagnosed with bulbar palsy. Wondering if there are any new treatments known or if anyone has had stem cell treatment for this disease. He has trouble swallowing and it takes him a long time to eat meals. Is anyone aware if heavy mercury levels can cause this disease?
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    GoFundMe for stem cell treatment!?

    There's a guy over in the PALS only fb group who has cranked up a funding site to pull in $15k for him to get a stem cell treatment. He says he was diagnosed two months ago. He initially said he'd hooked up with a California outfit, Stem Cell of America, but later said he was trying to get...
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    treatment should be coming soon if fda does its job

    brainstorm's mesychamel stem cell drug trial is finished and the results will be announced on January 5th. sounds like the results are very very very good. progression slowed/stopped with several patients and several patients got better in a lot of areas. the fda will get the results that...
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    My b/f was just diagnosed...idk what to do

    Hello to all, My loving B/f was diagnosed last wed, with ALS. I am sick over this. He also has a fully torn rotator cuff, in one shoulder, the other shoulder has 2 tares, he has some neck issues... They just did all the blood work to rule out other things...he had a brain MRI, it was normal...
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    My Mom's disease, any cure out there?

    Hi Folks, :) I'm new to the ALS foruim. I'm trying to find answers, But no miracle....Of course... It's been 7 months now since my mother had this disease which none of the neurologists in Seattle can figure out what she really has. My Mom turned 81 in August. Her unknown disease began...