stem cell therapy

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    Stem Cells

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone here has any first hand experience of Stem Cell therapy - or knows someone who underwent the treatment? What the effects were and generally if there was any form of improvement or halting of the illness? Your advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, xxx :-D
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    stem cell treatment?

    I understand there are a lot of scams out there - which is sad. I have a dear frind who was Dx one year ago and it seems as though he is deteriorating quite quickly. Recently, He went to Europe for a vacation - I thought he would maybe be looking for stem cell support outside the US but then...
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    Pl. read it

    hello to all.. i want to do thnx to all people who give me a great responce of every questions. Now i have one SERIOUS matter.. when some one feels the initial symptoms about mnd, more then one symptoms in the age of 26 years,which he/she already saw in her Father which is suffering from MND...
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    Going To Costa Rica for Stem Cell Therapy

    My father has ALS, he can no longer talk and he is beginning to have problems with breathing. We haven't had very much luck with doctors. My parents feel so alone. Just this week my father found a web site about stem cell therapy in Costa Rica. Supposedly this therapy prolongs life and won't...
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    I still feeling good and better every day .After one week i start with universal animal mstak with red kat i think the testosterone and human growth hormone worked for me . :wink: :lol: My energy level is up by 500% my balance is also 500% better and i just fealing good.I thank God for this. :D...