stem cell therapy

  1. IluvNY

    ALS Clinic vs Neurologist for Care

    Happy Easter & Passover! It's been almost a year since my partner was diagnosed. Since then he has lost a great deal of muscle in both legs & arms. He can still walk (slowly) with the walker and his power chair arrived last week. He went for a 2nd opinion at the ALS clinic in NJ 2 weeks...
  2. IluvNY

    I feel so helpless!

    My boyfriend was diagnosed in June 2011, he has gone from a cane, to a walker and now we are waiting for delivery of a power chair. He doesn't receive help from his family because they have no idea just how sick he is so I am caretaker. He moved in with me in October because disability...
  3. J


    I want to introduce you to Darrell - he was diagnosed in 2011 and is on bipap full time now. He has never been on this site and I have encouraged to come here. Darrell lives in Calgary (where I live) and I met Darrell because of ALS. He and his friends asked for help as they have a lot to...
  4. rcharlton


    I am confused when participants in drug trials claim that their symptoms improve or are less severe. From my understanding of ALS, actual improvements will only occur when the dead motor neurons are regenerated or replaced with new ones. An incredibly tricky process. Our bodies cannot...
  5. S

    fundraiser needs help

    My husband and I will be going to India for stem cell therapy. we leave next week. as many of you have probably found, waiting for the US to get caught up and help us is just taking to long. We have 2 children Jason wants to see grow up, walk our daughter down the aisle, give our son...
  6. D


    Has anyone done stem cell therapy for ALS? In the US? I'm hearing about Center in Germany. They claim to have had some positive results, but of course, no guarantee.
  7. Al

    Deadly Stem Cell Treatment

    Doctor restricted after patient reportedly dies from in-office stem cell procedure By LIZ FREEMAN Naples Daily News Posted February 28, 2011 State health regulators have imposed an emergency license restriction on Dr. Zannos Grekos for using experimental stem cell therapy on a breast cancer...
  8. RoadKill

    Embryonic Stem Cells

    Embryonic Stem Cells are in the news. Here are some helpful sites to read before you open your wallet: From the ALSA -- A Primer on Stem Cells From Quackwatch -- The Shady Side of Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy
  9. indigosd


    Global Lou Gehrig's Disease Market to Exceed $207 Million by 2015, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. Buzz up! 0 votes Send Share Print Related Quotes^DJI 10,918.45 +82.30 ^GSPC 1,175.29 +7.57 ^IXIC 2,420.67 +21.91 Wed Mar 24, 11:00 am ET GIA announces the...
  10. olly

    BEWARE:- stem cell therapy

    i read this article in the uk daily mail yesterday. it seems stem cell therapy may not be as good as a miracle cure everyone hopes for. hopefully in time they may be able to overcome the problems this treatment brings. untill then............keep your money and keep safe. Foreign clinics making...