stem cell therapy

  1. J

    Brainstorm considering Right to Try for NurOwn access

    Thought you guys might be interested to hear how the Brainstorm conference call went today. Seems like the CEO Chaim Lebovits really wants to make NurOwn available but the logistics are up in the air and nothing is confirmed...
  2. D

    Pls/stem cell

    I have PLS. Today is my first day on. I am looking for anyone who has had stem cell therapy and what the results were. I have been doing research on this for about six months and still can't find someone besides a knee injury that has had it done.
  3. M

    Stem cell therapy experiences

    Did anyone prove any cell therapy? If so, could you please share your ecperience? I am thinking of taking the Wu Medical Center therapy but I would like to hear about some PALS that had an experience on it. many thanks. Bests
  4. A

    Corestem's Neuronata-R

    I was just reading this market report & it makes mention of 3 drugs available on the market for ALS - Radicava, Riluzole & another called Neuronata-R. I've never heard of that one before & it looks to be a Chinese Stem Cell therapy? I wonder why it made it into this report... Amyotrophic...
  5. S

    Stem Cells in Thailand - Seeking real participants

    Hello everyone My father has been diagnosed about 2 years ago and still going strong. Obviously i've been researching any option for him. I am certain many of you saw articles by Unique Access and GlobalStemCells which is the same team. We want to be vigilant and not taken advantage of...
  6. A

    family diagnosed. very scared

    hi everyone. i'm writing this with tears in my eyes and i'm reaching out for support. a family member was just diagnosed. i'm terrified, scared, in denial. i don't understand what is going on and i keep breaking out into sobs as i walk down the street. do you recommend a second opinion? what...
  7. P

    Stem cell therapy in China?

    Any one have any experience with this in Beijing, Wu Med Ctr? Looking into going, was hoping someone else had info on efficacy Thanks☺
  8. Kristina1

    question about how placebo would work for stem cell trial

    The neurologist told me that a trial for BrainStorm/NurOwn stem cell therapy would be starting in my area soon. She mentioned there would be a placebo group though. I don't understand how that would work. If you end up assigned to the placebo group are they seriously going to remove your bone...
  9. J

    Stem Cell Therapy in Florida

    My mom is newly diagnosed with ALS. Of course my family is going through the initial shock of it. But we are now looking at options when it comes to slowing progression of the disease. My mom currently isn't on any meds. My dad has gotten in touch with Dr. Burton Feinerman regarding the stem...
  10. T


    My wife and I were watching our local news station (Channel 2 Houston) and we saw a segment from Celltex Mesenchymal Stem Cell company based here in Houston. Long story short I talked to my neurologist about this and he knows Dr. Stanley Jones the co founder of Celltex. My doctor is very excited...