1. W

    ALS statistics?

    I was using the search feature to see how many people who had an account were ALS patients, and how many of those people fall within a certain age range. I know I've always wondered how many people who get ALS are under 30 when they get it, because I think a disproportionate amount of media...
  2. P

    EMG stats

    Just trying to collect some EMG stats. If you had both normal EMG(s) and bad one(s), what was their sequence and time intervals between them ? My record: Jan 2007: local neuro, 4 limbs, some abnormalities seen Dec 2007: local neuro, 2 limbs, normal Dec 2008: ALS clinic, 2 limbs and tongue, normal
  3. Paul Wicks

    Right number of members?

    Hi guys, I'm preparing some slides for the ALS/MND Symposium in Birmingham on use of the internet by PALS and I'm trying to get some data on the different forums that are out there. According to the site stats at the bottom of the screen there are 7,000 members here but when I go through the...
  4. olly

    statistics/survey on pls

    i found some info i have not seen before including a pls survey that is intresting to look at. take care caroline:-D
  5. C

    Smoking and ALS

    My mom is the one diagnosed with ALS. She has been a smoker for the last 50 years. Her husband, the same. They both smoke in the house. Does anyone have any stats on how smoking affects life expectancy in ALS patients? Just wondering if my mom will suffer respiratory problems more quickly...
  6. G

    How does it compare

    I know when it is us what ever it is is BAD. Being new and have not seen or know anyone with ALS and when you tell others they look at you like what is so bad you look fine. When it progresses I am assuming most do not last long or are housebound. There are quadpargic, autism, crippling...
  7. rcharlton

    Surge in ALS Cases

    Had a check up my Dr. Strong, my ALS specialist the other day. He was mentioning that just through informal discussions with his colleagues in many parts of the world (Europe, Australia...) it appears that he and his colleagues have had a surge in ALS patients since the summer of 2006. I...
  8. T

    Michael J Fox

    Generally a purely fictional reader of sagas, romance, mysteries, intrigue, etc, always a book in progress, pages folded over on the couch to save where I had left off, I was loaned the first autobiography I have ever read, Michael J Fox, "Lucky Man". I found the book rivetting, having watched...