1. ccjjcc

    Horrible Trach Experience (so far) for my brother

    Quick version: He got the trach this morning but they neglected to hook him up to a vent which he wanted but left him gasping for air after the procedure and terrified. Finally got the vent hooked up, now he is on sedation and sleeping; has some blood in his lungs from the procedure, that they...
  2. S

    I finally went to my doctor...something i wasnt expecting

    Ok here were my stats , if you guys never read my old thread ( which i cant find for some reason) 19 year old, male, fit -3 years twitching ( when relaxed) -3 years high stress -1.5 years of sharp pain/tingling/aching mostly in the legs but also in the arms -i thought my elbow had a lump...
  3. Alyoop

    UMN dominant ALS

    Hi does anyone out there have UMN dominant ALS? If so how fast does it progress? I realise everyone is different, but some personal information would be great. I have read some interesting articles about it, with the stats on survival ( hate talking about that) but unlike info on MS I cannot...
  4. lydia

    Record # of users

    Today we had record numbers on the site! Does anyone else monitor those stats like I do? Been wondering when we were going to beat the last record! Happy day. Ok, things are slow on this end, and I think this is pretty big news. :lol:
  5. B

    My little Brother has a probable ALS DX

    Hello to all on this forum: I have been reading it for a few days, and have decided its time to post. My 29 yo brother has been given a probable diagnosed recently. - He had a pain in his foot, - lost his balance and fell a few times - is loosing strentgh in one hand - his knees are...
  6. M

    lopsided smile

    Hi, everyone-- I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I have yet another question. I was visiting my family yesterday for the holiday and my sister took out some pics that were taken a few weeks ago at another event. I noticed that in all the pics where I am smiling, that my smile has become...
  7. T

    Just had an EMG

    Hi, I had an EMG today. The doc had a hard time getting anything decent from the neck part of the test (she said it's often the most difficult part to get decent results from ) so I'll be summoned to another one that is based on needles. I thought the part where she dug in the needles in legs...
  8. hopeful warrior

    cold feet-literally

    Hi, all. Greg is now completely wheelchair bound. His color is good and attitude is sassy. His breathing stats are lower, per the ALS dr. Now his feet are cold all the time. He is on the vent at night. He also gets his feet rubbed as needed. Does anyone have suggestions besides socks? Is...
  9. P

    EMG stats

    I know that, in some rare cases, folks here had their first EMG normal, but later were diagnoseded with a MND/ALS. In these cases, the first EMG was apparently done by a local neuro, not by an MND specialist. Are the following statements correct: 1. Nobody here has been diagnoseded with an MND...
  10. C

    Caregivers Don't forget to care for yourselves!

    Please take care of yourselves, don't forget or put it off for another day! make the time it is so important! check out the stats on NFCA (national family caregivers association). I forgot about me! I wish I took the time to sleep a little more, eat 3 meals a day, relax, meditate, read...