stair lifts

  1. L

    Looking for equipment

    My husband passed away in 2009 after his ALS battle, I donated all of his equipment and now my bff has ALS, I am looking for any equipment such as stair lifts ( I gave away 2), a power wheelchair, I gave his away. Anything that I can get for her would be great. She is a very tiny person with...
  2. Jeanau

    New to the group

    I'm a happily retired educator who was sadly diagnosed with ALS last month. The time it took to arrive at my diagnosis was short. I started looking into my leg weakness in September, was tentatively diagnosed on December 4th, and officially dignosed by the ALS specialist at Pitt (David...
  3. sdpscl

    Bruno Stair Lifts (2) for Sale

    We have 2 Bruno stair lifts for sale. They were installed in my high ranch house. The longer track is for 7 steps and a shorter one is for 5 steps. They both come with remote controls, and they have a 350 pound capacity. We paid $4500 less than a year ago. $800 takes both of them. Pictures...
  4. C

    housing question

    Hello, I hope you can please help. My husband has been diagnosed with ALS but right now he is still walking and moving relatively good, but he is in a lot of pain and is tiring easily. my question is: we have a 2 story house with the bedrooms and the main bathroom upstairs ( 1/2...
  5. rcharlton

    Stair lifts?

    Anyone had any experience with stair lifts? Any tips? Recommendations? Idea as to cost? Thanks
  6. Al

    Adaptive devices menu

    This list was borrowed from General Sites: Offer a wide range of Disability/Medical Products Ontario Incontinence Supplies Adult Diaper | Adult Diaper Delivery | Incontinence Supplies Good prices on brand name Incontinence Supplies, fast delivery (Please use the...
  7. J

    Floor Lift or Stair Lift?

    Sorry I could not work out how to start a new thread... I am looking for peoples experiences with stair lifts or through floor lifts. We were advised by OT to have a thru floor lift and understand the reasons why...but we really dont want all the disruption etc...Are we THAT crazy to opt for a...
  8. J

    wheelchairs ? ? ?

    JustMe again - update on house remodeling. After a lot of thought and "discussion" with my wife I have given up the idea of putting in stair lifts to let me get up & down in the town house here. Instead it seems to make more sense to move my bed, computer, books and everything else I need...
  9. J

    anyone know about Stair Lifts ?

    As some of you may know from some earlier posts, I live in a three story town house with two flights of stairs. There is no real option to sell this house and move to a single story one, so I have to find some way to make this work. One possibility - not a good one though - is a stair lift ---...