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  1. C

    Please Help with symptoms

    Hey everyone, I’ve been doing lots of research and not getting good information from my doctors - and it’s gotten to a point where I’m getting extremely anxious/scared and just need help and opinions from others. So I suffer from muscle atrophy and weakness in my left side (notably my left...
  2. R

    Worried Teacher

    Hello, I am worried that I might have ALS. I am a 27 year old female. My first symptoms began about 1 month ago with weakness in my arms. About 12 days ago I began having twitching throughout my body. The twitching began everywhere including, arms, legs, hands, back, stomach, butt. Over the...
  3. K

    Club membership at hand

    Well, damn. My local neurologist, after two months of elimination tests, has now indicated likely NMD, with ALS being the most likely candidate. He basically kicked the can down the road and referred me to Dr. Pulley at Jacksonville Shands. We see him in late April for a second EMG and opinion...
  4. C

    Concerned about leg weakness and other symptoms.

    I'm hesitant to post here because of the seriousness of the disease in which I'm extremely anxious over, but I need guidance: I've been battling a bulging disc in my lower back since 2007 that gets irritated a few times a year. Flash back to middle of February and I aggravated it again, but...
  5. L

    Als fears

    Hello everyone. I'm new on here have alot of fears and anxiety about ALS. I have not been diagnosed. I've had four opinions from 4 different doctors that say I do not have that. I do have an EMG schedule in 3 weeks. I've been having a lot of pain in my legs feet arms. I would say minimal...
  6. A


    I'm sorry to be posting this but I'd hugely appreciate your insights. I'm a 47 year old man. My first issues was noticing my watch falling off my left arm, which provoked me to notice decreased muscle mass in both forearms. This has been followed by very noticeable loss of muscle mass in both...
  7. J

    spasms, weakness in bicep

    Hello ALS Community, Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am curious if this description resonates with any of you: I am in the process of being worked up for possible ALS (EMG study in a week). My neurologist is suspicious of ALS, but is also considering other possible causes of...
  8. M

    Young male bulbar symptoms

    I posted two years ago but was unable to post on that thread but it had been closed. During the time between then and now for the most part I was able to move on from my fears of ALS. However that has changed recently as I have developed a mild slur, not noticed by normal folks but was...
  9. K

    17 year old male fast progressing als symptoms

    hello everyone, first and foremost i want to say that to all of you living with als, you guys are an inspiration and you guys are all warriors, i mean no disrespect by this post just treally concerned and any bit of answers would help a lot! so the last 2 months i have just constantly been...
  10. T

    Just about ready to give up;

    Hey everyone. I've never posted on a forum before such as this one, although I've long been someone that often browses to see what others are going through and that people have to say. But I'm genuinely at my wits end and don't know how to cope any longer, so perhaps just discussing my issue a...

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