southern california

  1. T

    Medtronic Baclofen Pump

    Hi All, I'm not a great contributor to this site, but I truly appreciate those of you who are! You're created a supportive community that's both informative and kind, as well as a forum that often tickles the funny bone! Many thanks! Now it's my turn to make an offering. I'm finally ready to...
  2. L

    Free Fibersouce

    I have 12 unopened cases of nestle fiber source formula that I'd like to give away. We got a full prescription order just before Kathy passed. The expiration date is in 2017. If you know anyone in Southern California, who can use it, please contact me. It would be a shame to discard it. Jen.
  3. M

    Mixed feelings on husband starting Deanna Protocol

    Happy New Year everyone, As some of you know my husband was diagnosed with ALS 3/2014 and given the standard 2-5 years to live. It is still unbelievable now even after 9 months. He is 32 years old. Now, not that this horrible disease has a specific mold, race, type, age or look...I would just...
  4. TrishR

    I'm new here and I wanted to say "Hi".

    I'm Trish and my husbands name is Steve. He was officially diagnosed with ALS at Johns Hopkins on February 10, 2014. His dad passed away from ALS and we have since learned that two of his dads brothers also passed away from ALS so he has done the DNA testing and we are waiting for the results...
  5. C

    Doctor allow blenderized meals?

    The feeding tube formula that has been provided (we've tried many different formulas) is causing my grandmother's health decline. :sad: I sometimes give her real food and have been for the last week with great results. :razz: She was no longer constipated and feels so much better without the...
  6. B

    Introducing myself

    I just wanted to introduce myself & wasn't sure where to start. I am 42 yo wife & mom of 1 son that is a Freshman in college. We live in Southern California just outside of Los Angeles. I was officially diagnosed (FINALLY!) last December up at UCLA by the ever warm (HA HA HA) Dr. Graves. After...
  7. K

    Quantum 6000 Power Chair for sale

    The power chair is still available (almost brand new), offered at $5000 OBO. Let me know if anyone is interested. I am in southern california, Riverside County. [email protected] Thanks, Karena
  8. P

    2007 chrysler town and country van

    Almost new condition. Vmi side entry northstar conversion. Gold color with tan interior. Ez lock system for front passenger wheelchair seating. Tuffcare manual wheelchair with ez lock adapter installed. Mileage: Approx. 29,000 Paid $40,000.00 one year ago. Will sell for $32,000.00...
  9. K

    Quantum 6000z power wheelchair for sale in Southern California (Riverside County)

    I have a Quantum 6000z power wheelchair that is about 5 months old, however only used 3 months. It has electric hand controls and also the rear joystick for the caregiver to control from the back of the chair. POWER TILTING & RECLINING SEAT & LEGRESTS with an additional rear joystick that is...
  10. A

    Dynavox vmax

    Used for approximately 3 months, this nearly new device features upgraded software (last week) keyboard, charger, and carrying case. I am in Seal Beach, CA, and can send pictures via email. Will ship or you are welcome to pick up here in Southern California. Completely compatible with other...