sore spots

  1. I

    3 Year Fun - What do you think?

    Hello! I'm curious to know your opinions about some of the symptoms I've been experiencing. Seems to me to be associated with nerves and muscles mainly. No diagnosis yet. So far Myasthenia Gravis (being checked again soon), Lupus, Lymes, RA, Metabolic/Thyroid, adrenal, diabetes, cancer, and...
  2. L

    hello, new here

    Hello,,,32 years old, mommy of 1 little boy. 4 months ago i started twitchin all over my body. like popcorn popping under my skin! very strange. so of course like everyone else here i googld! bad mistake. anyhow, i went to a nurologist, show said im fine. He said he wasn't going to run any...
  3. MtPockets

    Pressure sores can come from wheelchairs?

    I recently began to have pain in my bottom area and went to the Doctor after putting up with it for over 3 weeks. I told him I know this is not happening, but it feels like my tail bone is trying to come through my skin. He shocked me by saying, It is. You have a pressure sore that starts on...
  4. A

    What other conditions mimic early ALS?

    I know that many have been diagnosed with ALS because every other possibility had been exhausted. What other things do doctors look for that could be causing ALSish symptoms? I know that ALS ultimately is not a subtle disease to say the least, but it is in the beginning it can be. I started...