some advice please

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    Sorry to bother you but need some advice

    Hi Folks, I'm sorry to bother you and take up your time but I'm getting very worried and hoping you can give me your opinion. I am from Belfast in N Ireland and am 35 years old. About 3 years ago I got this 'numb' feeling in the toes in my right foot. I say numb but it wasn't really...
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    Hi, I would like some advice please. As I've said in my previous post I have been twitching in my calves, thighs and occasionally widespread including tongue for the last 7 months. My legs are constant 24/7 and I have muscle soreness just from a day at work or walking the dog, I also have...
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    need some help

    Hello, I have been dealing with abdominal twitches now for 2 years off and on mainly at night when laying down. I started to feel them more often about a month ago and I goggled my symptoms and ALS came up. I went to my primary care and started to have twitches all over my body mainly when Im...
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    First signs of respiratory problems?

    Hello After some advice please. My husband is struggling with what he describes as 'a tight chest' He is prone to asthma if he has a chesty cough but doesn't have one at the moment. Could this be the start of respiratory issues? Thank you
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    some advice please

    Hi all, Firstly I would like to thank all the remarkable people that manage and participate in this forum. I can only envy the strength and courage you all possess. I have had a few worrisome symptoms over the past 6/7 weeks. Firstly I noticed widespread fasciculations ( legs, arms, torso back...
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    Second Opinion on ALS

    My brother is in the Hospital and he was told they think he has ALS. They promised us a second opinion with an ALS specialist situated in Vancouver. He is in ICU on a ventilator. Now they are saying they won't be sending him to a ALS specialist but have another Neurologist in the same hospital...
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    Hair sore

    Hi everyone need some advice please, has anyone experienced severe chest hair soreness/sensitivity, Poor Mick can't bear to wear his top at the moment and it all started out of the blue 2 days ago, any suggestions would be gratefully received. xx Ang xx :?:
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    Some advice please?

    Hi everyone, I would like some advice about my issue? I'm a 39 year old rugby player, about two years ago, every time I tensed I would get twitching in my tricep in my left arm along with pins and needles. This has continued to present (Pins and needles have stopped now). The muscle twitching...