1. Tomswife

    Cant pull PALS forward to put sling behind him.

    Our caregivers are stronger and younger than I am. I used to be able to pull him forward. But now with weakness and paralysis I cant do it. Are you leaving the sling in place??
  2. J

    How are you?

    How I hate that question now. It's become almost a default greeting. I know most people are trying to be kind by asking, but I honestly don't know how to answer anymore. I usually just say "We're OK" or "We're hanging in there". But honestly, we're not OK. And I'm sometimes just hanging...
  3. K

    Need Advice: Where to Buy Mesh Hoyer Slings

    Hi all, New here, and hoping someone can chime in with some advice. My mother is 87, with delicate skin. The ALS closet loaned us a mesh U sling, but we need one with head support and padded legs (as recommended by our OT). I've scoured the forum and can't find any specifics on suppliers...
  4. K

    Slings for hoyer's and ceiling lifts

    Yay...I received my new sling this week from the Osprey sling company in England. It fits better and is much more comfortable. I was afraid my arm was going to break with the other one. The new one was 1/3 the cost of the old one. They don't ship to the US but if you have a friend in...
  5. J

    A Sad Day

    Those of you who have kids probably remember at some point jokingly saying "I can't remember life before kids." Today, as I was loading my DH in the sling and moving him in the Hoyer to the toilet, it hit me like a load if bricks - "I can't remember life before this wretched disease." And...
  6. S

    Items to sell

    I have a few of the more expensive items that I would like to try to get some of my cost back on... A few of them are large so I don't know about shipping them. Here's what I have. These prices cover just what I had to pay of pocket but are still negotiable. Tobii Dynavox I-12 with Eyegaze...
  7. Chincoteaguer

    Using the Hoyer for the first time

    I anticipate using the Hoyer lift within the next few weeks. My wife's ability to lift herself is steadily decreasing . We still managed to get her in a standing position but she is asking that I do most of the lifting. I was not at home when the lift was delivered so I did not get the...
  8. D

    Access Unlimited Multi-Lift Transfer Lift NEW Paid $6500, selling for $4500!

    ACCESS UNLIMITED MULTI-LIFT TRANSFER LIFT FOR HONDAY ODYSSEY 2011-2017 Purchased for $6500 Never used! ********** SAVE $2,000 ************* This was purchased direct from Access Unlimited for $6,500.00 and never used. Simply put, a wonderful opportunity to own this extremely practical personal...
  9. R

    Hoyer lift sling to standing position?

    Has anyone used a Hoyer lift sling to standing position?. We have a Hoyer lift, but sling is designed for sitting position. I am 280 pounds, and can "walk" with walker, but on days when caregiver is not here, my wife is not strong enough to get standing from shower chair. Once I am up, I can...
  10. A

    Falling apart - a bit of a rant

    It's been a rough couple of days and I am really struggling. I need to vent a bit, and I feel like this is the only place where anyone will actually understand. I had to call an ambulance to take my PALS to hospital on Friday night. He's been constipated on and off for a couple of weeks and we...