sleeping pills

  1. R

    Worsening Symptoms and Second EMG

    Previous thread: Terrified Bulbar or Limb Onset? Varying Symptoms Sorry for posting again, but I've been having daily crying spells. I've tried to stay off the internet researching my symptoms, since the last time I posted my "Central Sleep Apnea" has seem to resolve after a few rounds of...
  2. KarenNWendyn

    Senior joke (clean :-))

    Bob, aged 92, and Mary, aged 89, were excited about their decision to get married. While out for a stroll to discuss the wedding, they passed a drug store. Bob suggested they go in. Bob asked to speak to the pharmacist. He explained they’re about to get married, and asked, "Do you sell heart...
  3. D

    Family not helpful

    In another thread I explained that I didn’t think I’d be able to be enough support for my boyfriend who lives with his mom and sister. He and I have been together for 5 years but have been becoming a bit distant since my daughter died 7 months ago. I’ve been needing time to myself . But then...
  4. scaredwifetx

    Warning...can't find a title but just rambling

    I know that everyone is dealing with so much so I am hoping that something from my rambling below helps someone else so I don't feel so guilty. I apologize ahead of time but I don't know of any safer place to share my feelings. I hate this disease for taking my husband from me before he is even...
  5. Nuts

    CALS sleep (stop laughing!)

    It is wwwaaaayyyy too early for me to be sleep deprived! I wake at least three times a night, which is very hard on me. I've always been an 8 hour a night sleeper. Oh boy am I in trouble! I wake when he has trouble turning over. He can do it, but it's difficult and he gets tangled, so I...
  6. F

    No diagnosis so far

    Hi there, I should start by giving you a general outline of myself. I'm 20 years old and a university student. I'm also Asian. I live a normal, moderately active lifestyle. I have never felt physical symptoms of anxiety. 5 weeks ago, I felt numbness in my arm. Now, this was only concerning to...
  7. NotALS!

    My family loves me

    I offered to kill myself by taking sleeping pills yesterday. My husband and son were horrified. It made me realize that even though my ALS is more work for them that they want me around anyway. It made me feel so loved and blessed. :o
  8. N

    What can we do more?

    My das (63) has been diagnosticated with ALS after an EMG investigation (fasciculations with high amplitudes is all I know from the diagnostic papers) by a neurolog doctor. He presents twitches in arms and legs (especially while walking), voice has changed a bit, fatigue and shortness of breath...
  9. H

    Back pain from hospital bed at home

    Hey Guys, My mom is diagnosed with ALS Aug 2012. It's spreading quickly. she can't walk anymore and can only lift her right arm and she is able to sit with support. I have been noticing she is talking very low and slow since lat week. She choked 3 times. And my brother carries her to lower...
  10. L

    I know there's no for sure answer.

    My mom is having trouble sleeping and is having pain. Because she refuses to wear the Bi-Pap, she can't get any pain meds or sleeping pills, as her respiratory function is already compromised. She refuses to use her feeding tube so she is obviously malnourished. She refuses to get hospice. My...