1. S

    We are stuck and need advice

    I have had 2 accidents now and I just dont understand how it's not ALS related. Both now I have been in the bathroom on time but as soon as I see the toilet I cant hold it anymore and it all comes out. Is this normal? Plus my hair is so greasy and my hair on my head and eyelashes are getting...
  2. T

    Where to Go From Here

    Hello. My husband was diagnosed ALS May 24, 2018 at age 43. It all began in April 2017 when he began having difficulty clipping his nails, left hand onset first. From there it was over a year of testing, specialist, etc, which is the only normal thing I guess about this disease; difficult to...
  3. A

    Please help.I need a opion at least!!

    Hello everyone, and sorry for my thread.It took me while to get the nerve to post here because i really think the best of you wonderfull people, but i am very freaked out. It all started 2 months ago when i got some fasciculation on my right upper leg.Since than, i started to have widebody...
  4. D

    Portable shower for downstairs

    It is getting difficult to get upstairs. We have room downstairs for a bed, but there is only a half bath. Do you have any suggestions for a portable type of shower? Would want to take a good full shower/bath at least once a week. Should be able to wash up the other days.
  5. L

    3 months later

    First, when Eileen was on hospice, I couldn't share all the details of her passing, even now some of it is more than I can talk about on the forum. When the time came, with two pastors, family and friends in the room, I couldn't let a stranger make the final step. So, I turned off the Trilogy...
  6. J

    Insurance/Medicare Coverage for Shower-Commode Chair

    I’m a little over two years post diagnosis and was recently denied insurance coverage for a shower/commode chair. I am a federal employee and have been very happy with coverage thusfar (GEHA). As I prepare to appeal the denial, I’m wondering what others’ experiences have been with insurance...
  7. D

    Suggestion for Fatigue?

    Fatigue is what took me to insisting on testing. I now get exhausted even taking a shower. Anything medication wise that will help? I am using a Trilogy for 3 to 4 hours at night and also use it when tiring during the day. Interestingly, I have always been a “night” person and still seem most...
  8. J

    Walk in tub vs shower VA

    Anyone received approval for walkin tub vs shower? thanks
  9. S

    Like new Permobil F3 Wheelchair

    Permobil F3 power wheelchair with all the bells and whistles including cell phone holder, elevate feature and anything else you can think of. It even has the trilogy holder for the back. Probably only has 1 or 2 miles on it. Asking $2500, hoping someone close to Tulsa, Oklahoma may need it...
  10. kitkat

    Exhausted & Feeling Guilty

    I am so exhausted. We have home health aids taking care of my PALS on weekdays as I still work full time. He has no use of his arms & legs. I get home about 5:15, just in time to help Steve use his urinal. Then I use the lift to get him out of his hospital bed & transfer him to his wheelchair so...